The Ultimate Men’s Cut: Try This Movie-Star Technique



It’s all in the scissors, says Joico Global Artistic Director, Richard Mannah, of his new heartthrob creation: a completely versatile cut for men that leaves plenty of length on the top to change things up as the mood strikes. Watch the cut unfold here – and see how Richard uses strategic stylers to add magic to the look.

It was literally inspired by a movie star
The creation is Richard’s version of Brad Pitt’s cut from a few years ago – sexy, with a little length.
The only tool you need is scissors
With the exception of a razor to clean up the neck, Richard goes strictly old-school on this ‘do.

It adds some levity and balance
Richard’s client’s hair was too long, too thick, and completely out of shape, he explains. “It was actually asymmetric before I cut it.”

You can change it up
By styling it back or adding texture, you can create a completely different vibe.

It works for nearly everyone
The look lends itself to all hair types; though Richard cautions that the technique needs to be tweaked a bit on curly hair, which shrinks a lot when dry.

Watch the video, then keep scrolling for Richard’s favorite products….


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Products Used

Before the cut: K-PAK Color Therapy Luster Lock Multi-Perfector Daily Shine & Protect Spray
This “wonder spray for healthy-looking hair every day” is a silky, leave-in treatment that that delivers a powerful shield of protection against styling stress, thermal damage, and UV exposure – all of which can fade your hair color. The results are remarkable and visible…smooth-as-silk hair that shines like nobody’s business.

Before blowdrying: JoiFULL Volumizing Styler
Dreaming of bigger and better hair? Here’s the hero that swoops in with body, bounce, and brilliant fullness, while saving you from the sticky, crunchy residue of typical volumizers. With JoiFULL Volumizing Styler, you’ll experience the unique glide and slip of a silky crème, plus the molding and shaping power of a gelée…all in one game-changing, hybrid. Instantly transforms fine strands into full, luxurious, natural-looking hair.

Before walking out the door: NEW RiseUp Powder Spray: Immediate volume and texture in a single, breezy “puff” of product. Taking volume and texture to all new heights, this instant, uplifting product delivers a lightweight, fine-mist powder with long-lasting hold and pollution protection… all in an easy, targeted application that never leaves behind traces of visible residue. Super-fine, flexible volumizing action is delivered with ingredients that provide grip and density, while infusing hair with shiny, soft lift.