Syncing Toners: Boost Your Blonde Service – IG Live

Facebook Live with Kelly McGowan @kellyshouseofcolour What You'll Learn Use multiple toners to upgrade your blonding services How and when to formulate toners that "sync" together 3 Top Toning Formulas for 3 Important Outcomes

LumiShine Power Hour: Demi-Permanent DD Cremes – Facebook Live

Facebook Live with Ricardo Santiago @Stylistricardosantiago Become an Expert. Learn all the Fundamentals of LumiShine Demi-Permanent Creme Color. What You'll Learn: Learn the Multi-Service Uses of Dimensional Deposit Cremes Demi Cremes vs. Demi Liquids: When, How & Why Gray Coverage vs Gray Blending: When, How & Why

Balayage Blonding from the UK – Facebook Live

What You'll Learn: How to Add Dimension to an Over Processed Blonde Choose the Right Products & Formulas for Monochromatic & Over-Processed Blondes Balayage Steps That Can be Incorporated Into Already Light Blondes

Hone Your Tones Part 2: Cools – Facebook Live

Facebook Live with Cherry Pentenbrink @Hairbycherryp What You'll Learn: Create the Perfect Base to Compliment Cool Tones Easily and Effectively All the Ways to Neutralize, Refine or Eliminate Unwanted Warm Tones with Confidence How to Achieve the Coolest Natural, Ash, or Beige Blondes and Brunettes at Every Level

Red Head Ramp Up – Facebook Live

Facebook Live with Leticia McKay @Tee.Colored.Me What You'll Learn: How to create vibrant red hair How to properly prelighten dark hair How to create a subtle stretched root

*Spanish* Técnica Sunrise Blonde / Sunrise Blonde Technique

Facebook Live with Mia Hernandez @maithehairbewithyou What You'll Learn: Easy & Minimal Foiling with Impactful Results Transition Bold Heavy Highlights or Bleach and Tones, Into More Natural Color Results How-To Blend Harsh Lines of Demarcation

All About Ash Class – Facebook Live

Facebook Live with Mecca Jone @Mjcolorsme What You'll Learn: How To Easily Use Permanent Color to Create Neutral and Cool Tones All About "How-To" Cool Tones: The Diff Between Pure Tone and Pre-Blended Create Trending Cool Tones: Without Having to Lift and Tone on Natural Hair

“Metallique” Blonde – IG Live

Instagram Live with Zoe Carpenter @zoequeenofblonde "Metallique" Blonde Technique What You'll Learn: Easy ways to remove warmth in all zones Perfecting cool shades & all formula choices Execute and perfect ICY Metallic Shade (w/o the drab!)