Blonde Luxe20150207153832

Blonde Luxe

Bleach blonde hair color is undoubtedly considered to be one of the most desired and sexy hair colors throughout our modern day history. Bleach Blonde...
Lemon Ice20150203164402

Lemon Ice

This warm pastel blonde is clear and creates high-impact without a trace of gray or ashy tone. This glistening formula looks spectacular on its own or...
Hot Tamale20150201110350

Hot Tamale

Covering gray can be particularly challenging when working with red shades. But this Vero K-PAK Color formula of natural gold with red copper produces...
Cornsilk Blonde20150115172258

Cornsilk Blonde

Who wouldn’t love the same glistening blonde shade that one observes on little children playing in the sunshine? This is that shade—soft, youthful, be...
Nicole Richie’s Purple Hue20150110194154

Nicole Richie’s Purple Hue

Nicole Richie recently teased her Instagram fans with a picture of her hair Photoshopped purple. She recently Instagrammed a new picture with purple h...