Is It Time For A Haircut? These Pros Will Tell You The Truth

If you have “normal” hair

Olivia Smalley giving client a haircut

The Ideal timing: 8 – 12 weeks

Why: The ends of naturally smooth, healthy hair may become “fragile” or get tangled in a styling brush around the eight-week mark. That’s your signal to head in for a trim.

Olivia Smalley, Cosmoprof artistic team member

If you have fine hair

Joifull Volumizing Styler bottle

The Ideal timing: 4 – 6 weeks

Why: Fine hair tends to go limp more easily when there’s added weight, so a trim can actually help restore volume and swing.

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Chad Demchuk, Joico Guest Artist

If you have curly hair

The Ideal timing: 8 weeks to 6 months

Why: Growth is least noticeable on curly hair, so hair length can become somewhat of an illusion. Head to the salon when you feel the length becomes unflattering, or at the first signs of dryness, damage, or frizz.

Chad Demchuk, Joico Guest Artist

Chad Demchuck cutting clients hair

If you let your hair air-dry

Beautiful Asain towel drying hair

The Ideal timing: 8 – 14 weeks

Why: In much the same way that natural/virgin hair can wait longer between trims, hair that’s rarely exposed to blow dryers and heat stylers can hold out as well. The reason? It’s not as prone to split ends, dryness, and other thermal styling damage that requires a fix from the shears.

Olivia Smalley, Cosmoprof artistic team member

If you’ve never colored your hair

Women getting her ends trimmed in salon

Why: While 8-12 weeks is the standard, virgin/unprocessed hair can hold out a bit longer because it’s never been exposed to chemicals that can lead to damage or excessive dryness.

Olivia Smalley, Cosmoprof artistic team member

If you’re prone to split ends or damage

The Ideal timing: 4 – 6 weeks

Why: Once a split end starts, it can’t be mended and put back together. Which means that you need to get rid of those ends before they keep splintering up the hair strand. Ever feel like your hair just isn’t growing? That’s likely because the split ends are breaking at the same intervals as regrowth. To help keep that fray at bay, try using the Defy Damage Home Care System between salon visits.

And remember: The more breakage, the more needs to be removed. So instead of coming in once a year and cutting off 12 inches of damage; come in every two months and cut off ½ inch. Do the math…you’ll save nine inches!

Chad Demchuk, Joico Guest Artist

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