JoiFull Shampoo

JoiFull Volumizing Shampoo

We’re setting the scene for plush, long-lasting fullness with this richly lathering cleanser that gently whisks away oil and dirt known to weigh down fine hair. Leaves strands clean with a sheen—uniquely nourished and ready for extraordinary body with a natural feel.

JoiFull Shampoo bottle

Here’s Why You’ll Love It

It’s full-on thick, bouncy hair with the ease of three completely cohesive steps: Cleanse to build the foundation for fullness; Condition for healthy volume and protection; then power up big-time with one game-changing styler.

Fuller, thicker, bouncier hair

24-hour style retention*

Provides long-lasting humidity protection*

Instantly adds shine

Rich lather gently yet thoroughly cleanses hair

Adds instant, lightweight body

*When using JoiFull Volumizing Shampoo, Conditioner, and Styler as a system

Reviews & Testimonials

3.6 rating
3.6 out of 5 stars (based on 7 reviews)
Very good0%
I really loved this product—the packaging felt very high-end, and the shampoo and conditioner both smelled good, lathered well, and rinsed out cleanly. I had a baby a few months ago and am dealing with significant postpartum hair loss, but I felt convinced that my hair loss wasn't as bad when I was using this shampoo and conditioner set compared with others that I tried. Really liked it!
Healthy Beauty Awards 2020 winner best shampoo for fine hair

Now Let’s Use It

Directions: Apply to wet hair. Lather. Rinse well.

JoiFull Volumizing Shampoo being poured into hand

Let’s Look Inside

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The ingredients in JoiFull elevate hair, delivering an explosion of fullness along with healthy-looking, strong, shiny hair and long-lasting results.

Rice Protein

Rich in amino acids, helps to strengthen and thicken hair while providing a fuller feel and visible lift to fi ne, limp hair.

Bamboo Extract

Fibrous and rich in silica, helps to build volume while promoting thicker, stronger, shinier strands.

SmartRelease Technology

Packs our triple-powered, healthy-hair ingredients inside an invisible liposome. This unique delivery system offers continuous release to the hair, protecting it against the recurring damage caused by daily styling and wear.


1.0 rating

Joico needs to bring back the original body luxe shampoo. This new joifull shampoo weighs my hair down, definitely not a full body shampoo, and the fragrance is horrible. The original body luxe had no fragrance and has worked great for years-bring it back! I am extremely disappointed 😩

Karen Levasseur
2.0 rating

JoiFull Shampoo, Conditioner, and Volumizing Styler does not give me that fullness I expected. I’m not a fan of the fragrance. I am not happy with this new product.
I have been a huge fan of the Joico Body Luxe line for many years. It would leave my hair full for 2-3 days after washing with a nice light fragrance. Why did Joico discontinue the Body Luxe line?

2.0 rating

This was good shampoo/ conditioner when i used the samples I was given before purchasing but unfortunately halfway through the bottle I find it has made my hair very dull and lank after 2 days. I have used it without the conditioner as well but to no avail. I was told that Joico were not making the body luxe anymore but have just found a supplier so I will go back to that as it does a better job for me.

5.0 rating

I got the shampoo/conditioner as a sample and just used it last night. My colored and wavy/frizzy hair is about 4″ below my shoulders, and for as thin as this product is, I was concerned that there wasn’t enough in the sample to even test this out – I really had to work it through my hair to cover all of it (except the top of my head). But after towel drying it, the comb passed through all of my hair without a single snag or tangle. Silky smooth results. Un-believable. I let it air dry and didn’t follow up with any product so that I could see true results, and my hair is wavy and fluffy and full. Still some frizz because of color damage, but nothing that can’t be fixed with a heat protectant and a blow out. It smells faintly floral and sweet, but nothing I could put my finger on. The big bottle is going into my shopping basket for my next Ulta order. For anyone who dislikes the bottle, just use a pump from a previous shampoo or conditioner. I never throw those out, and you can always snip the end with scissors if it’s too long.


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