Frederic Aspiras Shares His Paris Hilton Glam Waves



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Uber-talented Joico Celebrity Artist, Frederic Aspiras, has been tremendously vocal about his love and appreciation for Paris Hilton. Very early on, she helped launch this award-winning hairdresser to industry success; which ultimately led to a well-deserved, award-winning career and the coveted gig as exclusive hairdresser to Lady Gaga. He’s been interviewed about their relationship and quoted as saying,

“One day I was freelancing, and got a phone call: “Do you want to work with Paris Hilton?” Everyone has their ideas about Paris, but she turned out to be a gift from heaven. She literally changed everything. She was very generous. We worked together for more than three years and traveled the world together. As much as she took care of me, I took care of her. We had a great friendship that changed my life dramatically. I went from living at my friend’s house to owning my own apartment and car. She believed in me and thought I had gifts. She has a big heart.”

Recently, he was asked to style his dear friend for a shoot for, and the experience was like taking a warm trip down memory lane. Frederic posted the gorgeous results on his Instagram account with a tribute that’s almost as beautiful as the hair in the photos….

“I’ve been so excited to finally get to share this photo shoot with you of my dear friend, Paris Hilton. Not only are they most beautiful and stunningly chic photos, but I got to reunite with this beautiful human being with a heart of gold. Many, many, years ago we worked together almost every day for about three years, creating some pretty iconic and fun looks of hair and makeup that have been the best times of my life, and have taken me on so many memorable journeys around the world. I have spoken of Paris in interviews before, of our friendship in the early part of my career, but many should know that I have witnessed her humanitarian efforts and charitable contributions to the world. She has impacted so many around the world, creating a happier and more loving place for children and touching so many people’s lives. Not only that, she has independently created an empire of her brand and become a mogul in her own right – a pioneer of the what we call “social media” and “influencer.” She has made a true mark in the world with her name Paris Hilton.

I couldn’t be more proud of you Paris! To know her is to know how much she really cares for the world and life! She is one of the sweetest people I have ever met and worked with! It was honor to reunite and work with you again after all these years. Thank you for making me feel like a person and respecting me as an artist when we first met over a decade ago! It shows how much of a beautiful, successful, hardworking, independent woman you are!”

• Start by Shampooing and Conditioning with Joico Blonde Life Brightening System. Towel Dry.

• To get that silky, soft look and shine, add 2-3 drops of Blonde Life Brilliant Glow Brightening Oil to palms of hands and distribute threw hair. Comb through.

• Apply Joico Body Luxe Root Lift to hair roots for maximum volume. Blow dry hair with medium round boar bristle brush to yield volume and shine.

• Starting from front to back, curl hair using a 1 1/4 inch Soft Curl Iron. Set each curl with a clip and allow to cool for 5-10 min. Remove all clips.

• Using a large mix bristle paddle brush, gently brush curls out. Brush up from under the hair in an upward and outward movement to create loose and voluminous movement.

• Spray a light amount of Joico Hair Shake Dry Texturizer onto hair and use a wide tooth comb to create smooth waves throughout.

• Spray Joico Flip Turn Volumizing Finish Spray to lock in volume and shine.


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