Blonde Life Shampoo

Blonde Life
Brightening Shampoo

Our extraordinary Brightening Shampoo, free-from SLE/SLES Sulfates produces a luscious lather that lifts away dirt and oil. After a good rinse, your comb will slide smoothly and easily through soft, damp, clean-as-a-whistle strands.

Here’s Why You’ll Love It

Gently cleanses with rich lather

Free of SLE/SLES Sulfates

Added softness and smoothness

Keeps blondes bright

Reviews & Testimonials

4.0 rating
4 out of 5 stars (based on 12 reviews)
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Now Let’s Use It

Directions: Apply to wet hair. Work into a rich lather. Rinse and repeat if necessary.

Blonde Life Shampoo coming out of bottle into hand

Let’s Look Inside

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SmartRelease Technology

Packs our triple-powered, healthy hair ingredients inside an invisible liposome. This unique delivery system offers continuous release to the hair, protecting it against the recurring damage caused by daily styling and wear.


A naturally occurring amino acid crucial to hair’s strength. Products that include Arginine help protect hair and rebuild it from the inside out.


A rare, exotic blend of Coconut Oil and Tahitian Gardenia Flower, helps fight frizz and boost shine while also helping to protect hair from environmental damage.


A rich, Southeast Asian UV-absorber packed with fortifying Omega-6 and -9, helps deeply hydrate hair, bump up shine, and banish brittle strands.


1.0 rating

I am a natural nordic blonde and I never dye my hair, so I used the shampoo in a blonde natural color to give it some bring during the cold winter. It mades my hair oily, with the feeling of not clean hair, very wavy and also my scalp itches.
Sadly, for me it is not working.

5.0 rating

I stopped using blonde life as I ran out and purchased something else quickly. After 6 months my hair was horrible and dry and brassy, I went back to blonde life and within a week my hair is super blonde and becoming healthy again. I would never buy another shampoo and conditioner again.
I’m naturally the darkest of browns.

Stephanie bow
5.0 rating

I LOVE this shampoo! I go blonde in the summer, and this shampoo brightens my blonde, smells fabulous and my hair is soft and silky! I have thicker course hair and it works wonders in my hair and so does the Defy Damage line! Not sure why Barbara hates this product she must be older and has brittle hair…possibly gray! Advice to Barbara find a brand that works for you and maybe JOICO isn’t for you, if your hair is thin then go for a volumizing shampoo in a different brand. You should educate yourself more on hair care products. Good Luck!


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