K-PAK Reconstructor

K-PAK Deep Penetrating Reconstructor

Our award-winning, Deep-Penetrating Reconstructor—known as The 5-Minute Miracle—has a cult following that’s truly unparalleled. A powerful combination of amino acids and Keratin helps rebuild and re-fortify stressed strands, returning hair to its former glory in a single application. No surprise that it’s nabbed behindthechair.com’s Stylist Choice Awards for “Favorite Damage Repair Product.”

Here’s Why You’ll Love It

Damaged hair of any texture, length, or thickness, transforms in minutes – even strands that have been ravaged by exposure to thermal styling tools, chemical processes, or a harsh environment.

Hair is instantly repaired

Strengthens strands and protects against future damage

Works quickly to visually and physically transform each strand for optimal hair health

Reviews & Testimonials

4.1 rating
4.1 out of 5 stars (based on 22 reviews)
Very good5%

Now Let’s Use It

Five quick minutes does the trick; but leave Reconstructor on even longer, and you’ll repeat additional repair benefits.

Directions: Apply to freshly-washed, towel-dried hair. Leave on 5 minutes or longer. Rinse. Style as usual.

Let’s Look Inside

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We add the highest concentration of hair-healing ingredients to power up Reconstructor for optimal efficiency.


Our famous protein-stocked repair formula, maximizes protection and reconstruction to each and every damaged strand.

Aloe & Safflower Seed Oil

Help replenish and add shine to depleted hair strands.


3.0 rating

Changed formula? This used to be a protein powerhouse – no comparison in the industry. Now I’ve noticed the ingredients listed on the new packaging is missing so many of what I loved best. I no longer see the concentrate of Hydrolyzed Human Hair Keratin (Quadramine Complex) listed in first five ingredients along with the countless other keratin forms and amino acids. Now, Human Hair Keratin is listed in the 8th position after things like water, mineral oil, and salt (?!). Fragrance has even moved up to number 12, *before* keratin amino acids! Is the pH even the same? If you’re gonna revamp a formula, at least take out the parabens! Sadly, those are still there.

5.0 rating

Because of aN intense allergy for ppd the hairdresser had to turn my almost Black hair back to my natural blonde. A Very long And bad process for my thin hair. This reconstructor repaired THE damage and kept my hair in a much better condition. In Love for years with this product and recommanded for everyone!

Denice de Gilde Netherlands
1.0 rating

I’ve purchased one of this product at Bed, Bath and Beyond at 1932 Broadway St in NY in late June this year and I believe that the product was defective. Just opened it a couple of weeks ago, and the cream seemed to have been underwent a decantation process, some of the cream is sandy in texture and the other part is a very smelly water that has a slightly alcoholic smell. I’m very disappointed because I live in Brazil, have brought the product home with all the care and it hasn’t been stored on bad conditions, and now I’ve a terrible product I can’t use.

Thais Sabara

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