K-PAK Conditioner

K-PAK Conditioner

On a mission to repair hair that’s been assaulted by the rigors of heat styling and chemical services, K-PAK Conditioner zeroes in on ravaged cuticles, filling in the damaged zones with moisture, silkiness, and strength. With a lightweight, easy-to-comb-through formula, this nourishing moisturizer makes sure nothing ever tangles with your tresses.

Here’s Why You’ll Love It

You’d expect a damage-fighting conditioner to be a heavyweight. But while K-PAK’S uniquely light-touch formula doesn’t overwhelm fine hair, it’s still rich and hydrating enough to handle thicker strands.

Delivers intense shine and smoothness

Repairs and fills in cuticle damage, leaving hair instantly healthy-looking

Detangles with ease

Strengthens hair with protection against daily styling and chemical services

Reviews & Testimonials

3.8 rating
3.8 out of 5 stars (based on 12 reviews)
Very good8%

Now Let’s Use It

The 60-second hair miracle that’s gentle enough for everyday use; strong enough to restore hair’s health and gleam.

Directions: After shampooing, apply to damp hair and leave on for a full minute; then rinse thoroughly.

K-PAK Conditioner in hand

Let’s Look Inside

Bio Advance Peptide Complex logo

K-PAK Conditioner works from the inside out, healing damaged strands, then cloaking each one with game-changing protection.

Bio-Advanced Peptide Complex

Amino Acids that specifically target the damaged areas.


weightlessly locks in moisture, seals repaired cuticles, and delivers intense shine and smoothness


5.0 rating

I feel compelled to share my secret due to the daily comments I get re my very long, thick, shiny, healthy, max coloured blonde hair. I have used it for as long as I can remember. I am always telling people what I use as I want everyone to get results.

Jo Taylor
5.0 rating

This product is amazing for afro hair, My hair is shiny , strong, thicker and longer. I shampoo my hair and then part it in 4 and cover my hair with the conditioner and a shower cap. I leave it in for a hour sometimes and get on with other things. There are lot of products for curly hair on the market but i give this product 5 stars after 4 weeks. Cant wait to get through my litre bottle.

5.0 rating

Just when I thought my curls were done I saw this at Marshall’s. I used to use this all the time when younger many years ago but it is very expensive but with good reason. This stuff really is amazing. Joico is the best especially on mixed curly hair. My hair was shedding out in the brush everyday. I’ve used this for 4 days now and my hair stopped shedding so much. My hair is so soft and smooth. The ingredients are really good. I leave it in for like 15 minutes then rinse. Sometimes I leave it in all night very little then rinse in the morning. I totally recommend it. I definetly feel my curls and hair much more healthier. I’m going back to Marshall’s to see if I can find the Reconstructor. I hear that is also amazing.


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