How To Have That “Gray Area” Chat With Your Client…

Don’t be afraid to bring up the subject
A conversation about aging doesn’t have to be a taboo topic. We all age – it’s a part of life. I would approach the subject by talking about embracing our years…it’s what has made us who we are today. Gray hairs and all!

Try an information-seeking conversation starter
Ask your client if they would like to have a more low-maintenance life, rather than coming in every 3 – 4 weeks for a root retouch. That gives them the opportunity to share how they feel about their gray hair. Remember, with the right cut and style, gray hair can be beautiful.

Larisa Love cutting clients hair

Suggest a more youthful haircut
Adding layers can soften up a client’s style and revitalize their look.

Boost your client’s confidence
It’s important to encourage clients to embrace this new chapter in their life. I like to playfully refer to the grays as “strands of glitter;” and have them consider trying a new look that actually highlights the gray hair. If my client absolutely dislikes it, they can always come back and get the grays covered in no time!

Womens hair being colered with hair dye
Model showing grey roots before hair is colored

Send them home with the Defy Damage Home Care System
It’s important to use weekly home treatments, because gray hair can become coarse and dull. Defy Damage Protective Masque adds shine and life back into the hair.

Use coloring tricks to extend the stretch between salon visits
If a client doesn’t want to come in too frequently, I use techniques that help camouflage gray for longer periods of time. Usually, I recommend going lighter, so the gray blends in more. But if they prefer darker hair, I avoid solid colors and add lowlights to reduce the appearance of a harsh demarcation line.