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Get Denis’s Hollywood Platinum Pearl Formula…


Formula 1: Blonde Life Crème Lightener with 10 (3%) Volume LumiShine Developer

Formula 2: Blonde Life Crème Lightener with 20 (6%) Volume LumiShine Developer

Toning Formula: 1 ¼ oz 10SB LumiShine Demi Liquid and ¾ oz Clear LumiShine Demi Liquid with 2 oz 5 (1.5%) Volume LumiShine Developer


Begin with the hair parted down the center to the nape.



Part hair into 4 sections. Two in the front of the middle ear and two behind.



Take a horizontal fine-slice parting and, using Formula 1, apply from the line of demarcation, about 1 inch from scalp, through the ends.



Continue working up the head, leaving no hair in between. Take fine-slice partings and apply Formula 1 from mids to ends. Work all the way through the crown. Repeat on the other back section.



Repeat this same process in the front sections until you reach the parietal ridge. Repeat on the other front side.



Once all the hair has been foiled, you should be left with a crown Mohawk section from parietal ridge to the top.



Starting in the front fridge area, take horizontal slices and repeat the same foiling process throughout the Mohawk section. TIP: Check your foils in the back every 5 minutes. If they are level 11 (palest yellow), rinse them out so you don’t over-process the hair. Continue with your foiling.



Continue foiling the Blonde Life Crème Lightener Formula 1 throughout the Mohawk section, until all hair has been foiled.
Process until hair reaches level 11 (palest yellow). You may need to rinse out the back sections.

(Note: This is why you start in the back — these sections may already be done.)
Continue the processing time for the 3 front sections. Once all hair is level 11, rinse with Blonde Life Brightening Shampoo and Conditioner. Dry hair and move on to the lightening of the regrowth area.


Step 9:

Part hair into 3 sections: two in the front with a top middle parting, and one in the back.


STEP 10:

Working with Formula 2, outline each section with your regrowth prelightening formula, making sure to not overlap into the previously lightened hair.


STEP 11:

Taking very fine 1/8-inch partings, apply Formula 2 to the regrowth area. (Do this only in horizontal partings, starting in the front.) Be sure to saturate each side of the section.
TIP: Blonde Life Crème Lightener has an optimal creamy consistency; be sure not to use too much product, as it’s designed to glide beautifully through the hair for perfect product control.


STEP 12:

Continue applying Formula 2 to the entire regrowth area throughout the head. Process the regrowth application until level 11 (palest yellow) is achieved.

Rinse the hair with Blonde Life Brightening Shampoo. Do not condition the hair. Towel-dry the hair with 2 towels, squeezing hair gently as you go. (Rubbing hair with the towel could rough up the cuticle.) Using a wide-toothed comb, comb the hair and move on to the toning application.

Apply Toning Formula from scalp to ends, using a bottle applicator or bowl and brush. LumiShine Demi Liquid has an optimal viscosity that allows for either application.

Process hair for 10-15 minutes, or until the hair is an icy-cool tone; then shampoo and condition with Joico Blonde Life. For an added boost of shine, treat the hair to K-PAK® Color Therapy Luster Lock Treatment or Spray.