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The Backstory:

My client is a natural Level 7 and she was previously lightened by a different hairdresser to a Level 9 Gold.

What you saw at the initial consultation:

When my client sat down in my chair, I noticed 4 inches of regrowth and a harsh demarcation line.

Larisa’s immediate reaction:

I knew a silver tone would be gorgeous on her…and it’s actually quite simple to get her there thanks to Joico’s true-color LumiShine Dimensional Deposit Demi-Permanent Cremes.


I had to make sure all the color lifted evenly and at once, so that’s why I brought up my developer as I worked my way up the hair.


What makes this particular shade of silver so special:

It’s a color that normally takes multiple sessions to achieve; and some clients simply don’t have the patience of funds for this unique tone. Fortunately, my formula got us where we needed to be in a single visit.


Maintaining the gleam:

To keep the color icy-white, I recommend coming in for a glaze every 6 – 8 weeks. Then, regular use of Color Balance Purple Shampoo and Conditioner at home will cancel out any warmth that might creep back in.
(Another tip for longevity: Wash hair with lukewarm — not hot — water.)


The makeup tweak:

Silver compliments almost every skin tone, but if you have a lighter complexion, I’d recommend wearing bronzer or blush plus lip color to add some warmth back to the face.


Once a week:

Apply Luster Lock Instant Shine & Repair Treatment to keep delicate hair 2x stronger in just five minutes with restored shine.


To bump up the style post-blow-dry:

I finished the look with Body Shake Texturizing Finisher, adding dimension and movement to her hair.

And the client reaction:

She couldn’t stop smiling and was extremely happy with her results. As was I…Joico never fails me!


The Formula:



Formula 1

– Joico Vero Light Lightener + 15 Volume (10 + 20 Volume) working up to 25 Volume (20 + 30 Volume) LumiShine Developer


Formula 2

– LumiShine DD Demi-Permanent Crème 10SB + 5 Volume LumiShine Developer