Bring Back Sunlit Warmth With These Brunette Highlights

As the last streaks of sunlight dapple through autumn leaves, let that warmth add a dazzling luminosity to hair, too, with Joico Global Brand Ambassador, Larisa Love’s new Kissed-By-The-Sun technique. Recognizable for blending a mid-light brunette shade with darker roots and brighter ends, this glossy creation — a nod to the trendsetting fall look known as “Golden Topaz” — is the perfect way to keep the glow going during cooler months.

Brunette with carmel highlights before and after coloring

Larisa’s describes her inspo…
“Kissed-By-The-Sun technique is inspired by being in the warm rays, and allowing natural highlights to come through. I wanted to create the illusion of the same placement you would get in nature; but make the highlights pop more and become brighter by adding negative space in between the mix.”

The Formula:
• Lifted with Joico blonde life powder lightner. Started with 15 volume and finished with 35 volume.
Toner: Demi Creme 6NW
Toner: 1oz Quick Tone Sand + 2 oz Demi Creme 8NW


  • Begin by sectioning hair.
    Remember: Clean sections = clean results!
    Pro tip: Larisa twists each section into a coil, using a single chopstick to hold hair in place while she works. It’s a great way to elevate hair from the head so you can see your sections really well.
  • Start your foils at the front, creating babylights. Take a slice and tease once to avoid a harsh line of demarcation.
  • Use higher developer as you move to the regrowth. Use lower developer on the previously lightened ends.
  • Create bold highlights as you go further back, generously teasing twice before foiling.
  • Create diagonal back sections on the sides.
  • Follow the perimeter of the hairline as you go along.
  • Create babylights in the back of the neck, folding foil in a “v” formation (see video for details); this allows you to highlight closely and precisely.
  • Apply Demi Créme 6NW on the rest of the strands that are outside of foils to add depth and dimmension.
  • Finish off hair by toning with 1oz Quick Tone Sand + 2 oz Demi Creme 8NW


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