Defy Damage: A Problem / Solution Guide

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Your mission: To understand and identify the various forms of hair damage; and learn how to not only head it off at the pass with the new Defy Damage System, but bypass it entirely. According to Joico’s team of hair-science pros, “you may be doing everything right by treating damage at first signs of trouble, but you’re missing a key step if you’re not preventing hair from getting damaged in the first place.” Here’s how to troubleshoot…

What's Inside:

Hair care ingridients

SmartRelease Technology

Joico's one-of-a-kind liposome delivery system continuously releases Rose Hip Oil, Arginine, and Keratin – to build strength and elasticity, replenish dry and damaged hair and protects hair from the cumulative effects of daily styling


Maintains the strength and elasticity in hair


Keeps every link in your hair structure or bond strong

Moringa Seed Oil

Gives you environmental protection for internal strength…and a softness you can feel and see


“Mechanical” Damage

Hair being brushed with comb

What it is: The physical damage we personally inflict on our hair every day.

How it happens: When hair is wet – its most fragile state – every pass of your fingers, comb, or brush can cause breakage and damage to the hydrogen bonds that comprise each strand. In the dry-hair phase, strands become brittle, so that tugging, teasing, pulling, ponytailing, and extension-wearing only adds to the broken bonds.

The clues: The ends of your hair are uneven and sparse.
Here’s how Defy Damage solves the problem: Using the product on wet hair delivers thorough “comb-ability,” so strands that aren’t subjected to torture and tugging. When hair is dry, strands becomes silky and soft, which means brushes and other tools glide through with ease, never snagging and breaking individual hairs.

“Environmental” Damage

Women with dry damaged ends

What it is: Brittleness, dehydration, breakage, and fading caused by UV sun exposure, pollution, and even pool/ocean water.

How it happens: In the same way that unprotected skin is susceptible to damage from the harsh rays of the sun or pollution particles, vulnerable hair is equally at risk and loses its protective proteins.

The clues: Environmental damage is felt before it’s actually visible to the eye. Strands will feel brittle, dull, and prone to dehydration and breakage. As you run fingers through hair, you’ll notice roughness and snagging.

Here’s how Defy Damage solves the problem: Working as a defensive agent between each hair strand and the environment, the Defy Damage System literally infuse hair with a cloak of protection, helping to maintain luster, softness, and silkiness.

“Chemical” Damage

Women getting hair done at a hair salon

What it is: Damage to the structure of the hair caused by aggressive salon services, like high-lift blonding, frequent color changes, straightening, and waves.

How it happens: Chemicals deplete and strip hair of its natural protection without replenishing those critical properties that deliver softness and shine.

The clues: You’ve been to the salon for a chemical service, and now your hair feels fragile and susceptible to breakage when wet; and it’s parched, frizzy, and rough when dry.

Here’s how Defy Damage solves the problem: Having your hairdresser use Defy Damage ProSeries two-step system before and after your chemical service helps protect the structure of the hair; reloading moisture, protection, and bond-building power in each hair strand.

“Thermal” Damage

Hair being Blowdried with round brush

What it is: In a nutshell, thermal means heat…and along with it, damage caused by high-temperature/too-frequent exposure to blow-dryers, curling and flat-irons, and wands.

How it happens: In the same way you burn your finger if you keep it too close to the candle flame, hair is highly susceptible to the havoc of heat.

The clues: Hair feels crispy…it bends like paper rather than cloth; breaking rather than flowing. And split ends begin to form, traveling right up the hair shaft (and leading you to a serious haircut).

Here’s how Defy Damage solves the problem: By strengthening hair bonds and providing a barrier to heat sources, Defy Damage sidesteps the harm to each vulnerable strand, ensuring that hair stays smooth, supple, flexible, and healthy looking.

*Against combing breakage on damaged hair during heat styling; when using Defy Damage Shampoo & ProSeries 2 vs. a non-conditioning shampoo
**After 10 shampoos; when using Defy Damage Protective Shampoo and Defy Damage ProSeries 2 Bond-Strengthening Color Treatment