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Age Defy Permanent Crème Color

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Youthful Gray Coverage Starts Here...

Bring back the glorious look and feel of youth with Vero K-PAK Age Defy, our first haircolor proven to reverse the key signs of maturing hair—texture, luster and color.

Why You'll Love It...

With 3-Defense Technology and Quadramine, Complex, Vero K-PAK Age Defy effectively:

♥ Restores hair’s soft, silky manageable texture

♥ Revives hair’s lustre and vibrancy

♥ Renews hair’s color with exceptional, long-lasting gray coverage

♥ Reconstructs hair’s structure for optimal health and condition

K-Pak permanent creme color tube and box

How To Mix

Mix 1 part Vero K-PAK Age Defy to 1 part Vero K-PAK 20 Volume (6%) Veroxide.

Timing: Process for 45 minutes.

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NEW Natural Beige Series

Hair Dye cartons

Take natural up a notch with the ultimate beige-y palette. This naturally balanced collection boasts seven brand-new Age Defy shades that brilliantly blend luscious, creamy tones of taupe with complete, one-step gray coverage. The kind of beige that offers glimpses of cool undertones with a thoroughly subtle, believable vibe. Age Defy Natural Beige shades deliver illuminating shade results for beautiful, more youthful-looking hair.

Hair Color Swatch


Hair Color Swatch


Hair Color Swatch


Hair Color Swatch


Hair Color Swatch


Hair Color Swatch


Hair Color Swatch


Video Tutorials

Step-by-Step Tutorials

Mushroom Shade Technique20191031124411

Mushroom Shade Technique

Take natural up a notch with the ultimate beige-y palette. This perfectly balanced collection boasts 7 brand-n...
Desert Taupe Brunette20170218112321

Desert Taupe Brunette

Cool, steely sky meets warm, shimmering sand in our new Vero K-PAK Age Defy Desert Taupe Technique...
Ageless Brunette20160218120002

Ageless Brunette

Our Ageless Brunette: a brilliant brunette technique from colorist extraordinaire, Eric Mayes, that uses a tr...
Vivacious Red20160217114215

Vivacious Red

This exclusive technique relies on a trio of application styles to create a beautifully balanced, universally ...

Color Formulas

Boulevard Blonde20170218104954

Boulevard Blonde

Ricardo’s secret for gorgeous, dimensional color? He uses his signature color melting technique that not only ...
Rich Cocoa Brown20150221110842

Rich Cocoa Brown

Every colorist needs a natural-looking, completely reliable, utterly predictable brunette gray coverage formul...
Smoky Gray20150220111143

Smoky Gray

Apply this lowlight formula to random sections on men with up to 50% gray.This service is quick and the regrow...
Deep Cinnamon Copper20150216105927

Deep Cinnamon Copper

This rich, warm auburn shade is elegant and subtle.This formula covers gray beautifully, without a trace of th...
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