Neon Color Wave

Neon color wave technique model

Brave the sea of mermaid hair with this neon color wave formula.

Color Intensity

Neon color wave technique step 1

Step 1: Apply level 9 silver toner formula (below). Really over mix to make sure you can apply quickly as well as have product to emulsify through. Process for 20 minutes and rinse and treat with K-PAK Deep Penetrating Reconstructor.

Level 9 Silver Toner formula: Joico Vero K-PAK TSB (Toner Silver Blonde) 1 1/2 oz. + .15 oz. 1N + 2 oz. of 5 Volume Veroxide. Process for 20 minutes.

Root shade first with Color Intensity Black Pearl.
Color all of the midshafts and ends under the tip of the ears with 1 part Color Intensity Titanium + 3 parts K-PAK Conditioner.

Neon color wave technique step 2

Step 2: Above the ears on the left, start applying the root color with the Black Pearl, then start adding the Yellow formula and then back to the Titanium formula (1 part Color Intensity Titanium + 3 parts K-PAK Conditioner).

Each of the following sections, combine all into that one, so that you can be sure that the Yellow is all in one spot.

Repeat the same exact application for the right side, as well as the rings.

*Note the four sections: 1) the bottom of the hair, 2) the left side, 3) the right side, and 4) the fringe (bangs)