Kicking The Brass With Joico Global Brand Storyteller, Olivia Smalley…

So, picture this: Olivia – who’s got thousands upon thousands of devoted Instagram fans – takes to social because her Florida-blonde hair is looking yellowish. And she’s got a hair hack that she wants everyone to see.

In true Olivia style, there’s no sorcery or glam filter going on; she literally humbles herself in the name of authentic beauty coverage and tells followers what’s really going on. “My hair’s exposed to sunscreen, chlorine in the pool, and I’m constantly outside,” explains Olivia, who shows the camera how yellow her blonde highlights (and even her extensions) have become this summer.

“My absolute favorite go-to for de-brassing is Joico Color Balance Purple Shampoo. It doesn’t dry out my hair, feels extremely moisturizing, strengthens and protects each strand, and allows my hair to receive the tone I’m looking for without taking it too silver.”

Color Balance Purple shampoo in hand

Next up: She brings her phone in the shower and deftly cleanses with Purple Shampoo (one-handed, of course) so we can see just how easy it is to coax blonde hair back to the cool zone.

Two shampoos later – left on for 2 – 3-minutes each – followed up by Color Balance Conditioner, and Olivia’s highlights are icy. It actually looks like I just got my highlights done!” enthuses our bold pro.

Watch this pro kick the brass