The Ultimate Girlfriend Gift Guide

For your blonde bombshell girlfriend…

Imagine the joi of receiving hair goodies designed specifically to bring out the shimmer and sheen of a glorious blonde mane. That’s the thrill of gifting products from the Blonde Life Collection – especially Joico’s Blonde Life Violet Shampoo and Conditioner, which instantly kick unwanted brassy tones to the curb. Bonus: The super-glam metallic packaging looks gorg in a cello-wrapped basket.

Joico Blonde Life Violet Shampoo, $18.50
Joico Blonde Life Violet Conditioner, $19.50

For your would-rather-be-skiing girlfriend…

If she spends most of her free time in a hat or helmet, she’ll be thrilled with an antidote for flat hair – like Joico’s brand-new JoiFULL Volumizing Styler. It adds big-time (and long-lasting) lift and body, humidity protection, and not an ounce of that stiff, sticky, crunchy stuff you find in traditional texturizers.

Joico JoiFULL Volumizing Styler; $17.99,

Joifull Volumizing Styler bottle

For your doesn’t-look-a-day older girlfriend…

Jade face roller and bag

There’s probably good reason she’s aging with grace; like having a secret passion for products that help maintain a flawless complexion. We’re kind of loving this pretty marbleized face roller/case combo that works to oxygenate skin, bring on a rosy glow, and help prep your complexion for better product absorption.

Rose On Rose Face Roller Petite; $32

For your always-on-the-road girlfriend…

You know the one: You’re always trying to make plans, and she’s always, like, “I think I’m in Dallas that week”. Might as well make her road-weary life a little easier with an Oprah-approved cosmetic kit that’s charming on the outside, but will elicit a squeal when she opens it and sees the adjustable compartments for makeup, brushes, tubs, and tubes.

Ollieroo Makeup Train Case; $21.99

Makeup travel bag

For your I’ll-try-anything girlfriend…

Defy Damage home care and pro series

Chances are, that includes hair color. Which is why you’ll be the best friend ever when you give her Joico’s Defy Damage Haircare System, a breakthrough system that protects fragile strands from the ravaging effects of chemical services, daily heat styling, environmental and UV assaults, and more.

Joico Defy Damage Haircare System; $18.50-35.50

For your loves-to-glam-it-up girlfriend…

If you’ve ever glimpsed Huda on Instagram, you’ll probably go a little crazy for her ability to instantly make you fall in love with all things makeup. This lip kit – a perfectly universal pink lipstick (“Girls Trip”) that’s super-saturated with long-lasting color, plus a contrasting pencil (“Partner in Crime”) – is housed in seriously adorable packaging.

Throwback Lip Kit; $34

Lippencil and lipstick duo

For your I’ll-try-anything girlfriend…

Body Shake product and model

This is the gift she’ll tuck into her desk drawer – and take out every single day. Give GF a bottle of Joico Body Shake Texturizing Finisher, and she’ll be thanking her stars she has the power to inject some style back into her ‘do in an instant. This buildable spray creates plush, airy, bombshell volume that you can touch and retouch throughout the day. (Minus the sticky tack associated with most volume-building stylers.)

Joico Body Shake Texturizing Finisher; $19.99,

For your gratitude girlfriend…

She’s the zen in your life; the calm to your chaos; and the person who appreciates a perfectly chosen scent. Like the one you get when you put a flame to the Sanctuary Candle, fashion brand Altar’D State’s signature room fragrance that gently and intoxicatingly wafts through all their stores. Not sure what’s better: the glam of the rose-gold votive holder, or the scent itself.

Sanctuary Candle in Rose Gold; $28