Sun Kissed Blonde

sun kissed blonde hair color
VERO K-PAK permanent hair color tube

This formula results in the quintessential warm, golden shade, I recommend using my American Baliage (hand-painted foiling) technique to produce the most natural-looking highlights. The light golden blonde glaze polishes these highlights with buttery warmth.

COLOR FORMULASLevel 7 Medium Blonde or Level 8 Light Blonde

Color 1: 1 oz Vero K-PAK Color High Lift Golden Blonde

Developer: 2 oz Vero K-PAK 40 Volume Veroxide

Timing: Process for 60 minutes at room temperature

Lightener: 1 scoop Vero Light Lightening Powder

Developer: 20 Volume Veroxide, mix to desired consistency

Timing: Place a few face-framing highlights, using VeroLight Lightening
Powder. Check frequently until hair has lightened to 8th stage (palest blonde).

GLAZE (Optional)
Color 1: 1 oz Vero K-PAK Chrome G8 24K Gold

Color 2: 1 oz Vero K_PAK Chrome Clear Gloss

Developer: 4 oz Vero K-PAK Chrome Activator

Timing: Process for 20 minutes at room temperature.