Mother Aquarius

color intensity model beforeColor intensity model after

The name of this look was inspired with the yearly Unicorn Tribe spotlight based on a theme. This theme was Tim Burton and zodiac elements. The model was Tim Burton and her hair was the zodiac signs of color and location elements.

Color Intensity

color intensity group bottles
COLOR FORMULASFORMULA 1: Blonde Life Lightener + 20 Volume Developer

FORMULA 2: FreePlay Clay Lightener + 40 Volume Developer

FORMULA 3: LumiShine Permanent Crème Color ¼ oz. 5BA + ½ oz. 10BA + ¼ oz. 9BA + ¼ 7BA + 5 Volume LumiShine Developer

FORMULA 4: ¾ oz. Color Intensity Amethyst Purple, ½ oz. Violet, ¼ oz. Light Purple

FORMULA 5: ¾ oz. Color Intensity Violet + ¼ oz. Amethyst Purple

FORMULA 6: Hot Pink, Mauve, Yellow

FORMULA 7: True Blue, Kelly Green, Yellow

FORMULA 8: Kelly Green, Yellow, True Blue


Color intensity technique step 1

Prelighten with Formula 1 in fine, baby weaves at the crown, while using Formula 2 to paint the rest of the hair. Tone with Formula 3.

color intensity model hair before

At the base, use Formula 4 and melt down into Formula 5 with a few pops of Color Intensity Moonstone along the sides of the hair (at your discretion).

Color intensity hair color model after

For half of the extensions, use Formula 6 melting Hot Pink and Mauve at the top, then melting into Yellow. For a ¼ of the extensions use Formula 7, melting True Blue into Kelly Green, and into a Yellow + Kelly Green mix at the ends. For the final ¼ of the extensions, use Formula 8 with Kelly Green melting to Yellow, into True Blue.