Learn These Holiday Hair Style Hacks

Richard Mannah Half up Half Down Bun


When a full-on chignon or topknot is just too done and free-flowing waves are too undone, try a combo that gives you the sophistication and sexiness of both.


Richard Mannah Styling Models Bun Steps

•Take a parting above the ear and clip that section out of the way. Wrap 1 to 2-inch sections of the bottom hair around a curling iron and create curls throughout. Allow to cool for holding power.

•Apply Joico Body Shake over the bottom section, and mist lightly over the top as well — this texturizing mist will build the foundation needed to maintain the look.

•Using fingers, rake through the hair and pull entire top section into a ponytail at the crown.

•Secure tightly with an elastic.

•Add a bit of Joico Blonde Life Brilliant Glow Brightening Oil into your hands, emulsify, and then work the oils throughout the ponytail. Begin twisting hair around the base until it forms a tight bun.

•Secure with discreet hairpins.

•Apply Joico JoiMist Firm Finishing Spray to the bun for hold and shine.

•Now, gently loosen the bottom curls for a soft, wavy look.


Half up Half Down Bun on Model

Embellish holiday hair with gilt and glam — it’s one of the easiest ways to dress up a look without resorting to an exceptionally complex hairstyle. Two of Richard’s favorites: Adding a rose-gold chain to the topknot, and letting it drape gently down the hair. Or: Affixing glimmering beads to a strand of hair before securing the topknot.


Richard Mannah Styling Models Bun

After applying Joico JoiMist Firm Finishing Spray to your bun, wrap it with a hair net and set the look using a blow-dryer that has a cool-shot button. For any pesky flyaways at the hairline, spray a bit of the Finishing Spray on a toothbrush, and gently comb the untidy strands into place.


“We find that a lot of clients want something different at this time of year, but they want to keep their hair long,” explains Richard, who offers up three different lengths of bangs to suit both face shape and “fear factor.” One suggestion: Bring in a photo to show your stylist the length you’re looking for — a picture is worth a thousand words.

Look 1:

Richard Mannah Cutting Bangs

“This is super versatile,” says Richard, who loves experimenting with these long bangs, parting them from side to side, or even letting them fall forward into a “curtain” look.

Look 2:

Richard Mannah Cutting Bangs

Slightly more committed, but still offering up the illusion of length, these bangs work on practically any haircut, from the longest mane to shorter crops. Big bonus here: The subtle sweep falls sexily over one eye.

Look 3:

Richard Mannah Cutting Bangs

The most committed of the three styles, this eyebrow-grazing length is sophisticated but not severe — thanks to plenty of vertical scissoring to break up any harsh lines.