Vero K-PAK Haircolor


Joico Vero K-PAK Hair Color
Seeking a true tone system that frees you to create without fear of damage and with complete artistic freedom? Repair and protect hair as you color with Vero K- PAK., the only haircolor featuring award-winning K-PAK. Reconstructor. This system, adored by editorial and celebrity colorists around the globe, delivers stunning vibrancy, excellent condition, predictability and long-lasting color results every single time.



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Notturno Collection: Smoked Taupe Technique
Gion’s goal was to create a smokey and creamy “moonlit ash blonde.” The result: a decadent, dimensional color combination that glows from night to day!

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Notturno Collection: Chambord Night Technique
Step into the night (a Parisian night, that is!) with Chambord Night, Gion’s meltingly moody, dimensional deep auburn that smolders with after-dark sophistication.

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Fiery Red haircolor technique
Fiery Rebel Red Technique
Redheads are rebels at heart. Not afraid of standing out and making a statement, red hair communicates independence and confidence. A rebellious combination of 2 coppers and a deep fiery red shade, with a coral top coat to melt the shades together for a seamless, joi-ful end result.

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XTRA Red Technique
Inlay Color Blocking, Feathering and Split Strand: This technique calls for opposites in placement and tone: one side horizontal/diagonal placement with shades ranging from copper to red to purple; the opposite side ranging from purple to copper diagonally and copper to purple vertically.

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Violet Femmes Stylist Guide
Take the purple plunge with our Violet Femmes, eight violet-toned permanent and demi-permanent newcomers to the Vero K-PAK palette. Thanks to the truest prismatic purple pigments, what you see is what you get: shimmering, multifaceted, seriously wow-worthy hues—from pale, ladylike lilac to the deepest, velvetiest amethyst.

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Sultry Blondes haircolor step-by-step
Sultry Blondes Haircolor
Want to create luminous, believable, utterly gleaming blondes without a hair of brassiness?
Say hello to Vero K-PAK’s Sultry Blondes Permanent Crème 10N, 10B, 10G.

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Shade Shift Technique with DuoLight
The Shade Shift technique creates the illusion of perfect ambient light by allowing the colorist freedom to shade and illuminate the hair to their exact specifications. Going a step beyond Ombré, Shade Shifting offers complete control over the finished look. The method allows colorists to shift the light in their haircolor application by “strand splitting,” a technique that involves two colors on one section of hair, seamlessly transitioning into one another. Unlike Ombré’, strand splitting shifts the shade as well as the level for a richer statement.

>> Download the step-by-step guide featuring Sue Pemberton’s exclusive Shade Shift technique

Joico Sombre Haircolor technique


Sun-Kissed Brazilian Ombre

With the A-List’s most beautiful clamoring to sit at his chair at the famed Andy LeCompte and Serge Normant salons, it’s clear why Vogue magazine recently named Denis one of the industry’s “top colorists.” Now as Vero K-PAK Color’s Celebrity Colorist, this bi-coastal beauty insider will keep you in-the-know of all the latest Hollywood beauty trends and secrets.


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CINNAMELT by Joico Educator and Advisor, Ricardo Santiago

Highlights: VeroLight Powder Lightener

Shadow Root: 4VR Vero K-PAK Color + 20 Volume Developer

Color Melt: 4RV Vero K-PAK Color + 5XR Vero K-PAK Color + Vero Glaze

6FR Vero K-PAK Color transitioning to 7XR Vero K-PAK Color + 9RG Vero K-PAK Color with 10 Volume Developer



SMOKY SHADOWS by Joico Educator and Advisor, Ricardo Santiago

Prelightened with Joico Crème Lightener + 10 Volume Developer

Toner: Vero K-PAK Chrome V7 + N8

Shadow Root: 4V Vero K-PAK Color + 10 Volume Developer

Shadow Ends: V6 Vero K-PAK Chrome



JAMIE CHUNG SOMBRE by Joico Celebrity Colorist, Denis de Souza

Highlight formula: Vero K-PAK Color High Lift Ash (HLA) and 30 Volume Veroxide

Lowlight formula: Equal parts Vero K-PAK Chrome Demi-Permanent Crème B6 (Toffee) and A7 (Dark Ash Blonde) with Chrome Activator

Ends formula: Vero K-PAK Crème Lightener and 10 Volume Veroxide

Glaze formula: Joico Vero K-PAK Chrome ¾ oz. CLEAR and ¼ oz V9.



SOMBRE WITH DUOLIGHT by Joico Celebrity Colorist, Denis de Souza

Mix Joico DuoLight Caramel with 10 or 20 Volume Developer – 1:1 ratio

Use a balayage technique to apply the formula. Process for 30 minutes, then shampoo and rinse thoroughly.



BABYLIGHTS WITH DUOLIGHT by Joico Celebrity Colorist, Denis de Souza

Mix Joico DuoLight Butterscotch with 10 or 20 Volume Developer – 1:1 ratio

Section hair into 3 parts; start at the back of the head with a diagonal part and weave thin pieces, continuing around head to create a brick pattern. Apply from scalp to ends on select fringe pieces. Process for 30 minutes, then shampoo and rinse thoroughly.


Ricardo Bronde Formula

BRONDE COLOR MELT by Joico Advisor, Ricardo Santiago

Formula 1 (Base to first 2 inches):
Equal parts Vero K-PAK Permanent Crème Color 3N and Vero K-PAK Permanent Crème Color 5G + 20 Volume Veroxide

Formula 2 (melts into formula 1):
Equal parts Vero K-PAK Permanent Crème Color 4N and Vero K-PAK Permanent Crème Color 5G + 20 Volume Veroxide

Formula 3 (melts into formula 2):
Equal parts Vero K-PAK Permanent Crème Color 5B and Vero K-PAK Permanent Crème Color 7G + 20 Volume Veroxide

Formula 4 (Toner formula on blonde ends):
Equal parts Vero K-PAK TSB + VeroGlaze. Process until desired end result is achieved.


Caramel Sombre by Joico


CARAMEL SOMBRE HAIRCOLOR FORMULA by Joico Celebrity Colorist, Denis De Souza

Model was a natural level 4

Create a few highlights with high lift color using UHLMA (Ultra High Lift Matte Ash) and 30 Volume. Then use Joico Crème Lightener and 10 volume on some of the ends. This will create a soft dimensional effect on the hair. After this process, use 3/4 oz. of Joico Vero K-PAK Chrome CLEAR and 1/4 oz. of Vero K-PAK Chrome N8 as the final all over glaze to seal the color and make her hair shiny.

For at home care, use JOICO COLOR BALANCE BLUE as a regimen 3 times a week to banish orange brass.