The ABC’s of Toning: Root & Shadow Tap

Stylist Jill Buck Coloring Clients hair

Root Shadows and Root Taps are a daily routine for Joico Celebrity Artist, Jill Buck, who doesn’t let a client out the door without this “icing on the cake.” Fortunately, Jill – a color genius — has the art blending down to a fine science; and she’s sharing her techniques with you today. Jill explains and demonstrates her ABC’s of Toning:

A - Accuracy

Start with a center part to give you accuracy

B - Balance

Choose a guideline based off your clients desired end result

C - Confidence

Establish a guideline, and a formulation for that guideline. This ensures you will receive a successful and flawless result.

Watch, listen, and learn as Jill demos her concept here:


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