We’re Blowing 5 Hair Myths Right Out Of The Water Today


With Joico Global Brand Storyteller, Olivia Smalley

MYTH #1: Always go to the salon with dirty hair.TAP TO DEBUNK THE MYTH
Nope: You’re supposed to wash your dang hair before that color appointment!Olivia’s Lesson: Hair traps dirt, oil, and mineralization – all of which can cause inconsistencies in the hair-lifting or depositing process.
MYTH #2: Never put conditioner at the roots of fine hair. You’ll get flat head.TAP TO DEBUNK THE MYTH
Nope: Thin/fine hair needs hydration just as much as the big boys.Olivia’s Lesson: The key is using a conditioner – like Joico’s HydraSplash – that’s designed to nourish and quench fine, thirsty strands without flattening and overwhelming them with a heavy, cloying formula meant for thicker hair.Try HydraSplash Conditioner
MYTH #3: Go to bed with wet hair to avoid blow-dryer damage.TAP TO DEBUNK THE MYTH
Nope: Hair is most susceptible to breakage when wet.Olivia’s Lesson: “Lots of options: First, you could save your hair-wash for daytime and let hair dry naturally with Joico Zero Heat Air Dry Crème. Or, you could dry your hair with the dreaded blow-dryer, but use Dream Blowout Protection Crème first to speed up the process and shield hair from potential thermal damage.”Try Zero Heat
MYTH #4: Chlorine turns hair green.TAP TO DEBUNK THE MYTH
Nope: Copper’s the culprit!Olivia’s Lesson: You know how the Statue of Liberty is green? Well, it wasn’t always...The statue actually had a copper exterior when it was first erected. But after years of exposure to sea water and the elements, the copper oxidized and took on that famous green patina.
Same deal for hair: Copper and minerals are present in pool water – and that can oxidize, turning your hair green. Unless, of course, you protect it; by wearing a swim cap and applying a shield of protection – like Defy Damage Protective Masque -- between you and the water.
Try Defy Damage Masque
MYTH #5: Purple shampoo makes your hair blonder.TAP TO DEBUNK THE MYTH
NOPE: A good purple shampoo will do lots of amazing things – but physically lightening your hair isn’t one of them.Olivia’s Lesson: Wondering what a high-quality purple shampoo – like Joico’s Color Balance Purple – does do? It counteracts those unwanted yellowish/brassy tones in blonde hair, and delivers a fresh, cool cast in literally one application. (And yes, it is possible to overuse – once a week should do the trick and leave you with the perfect dash of ash.)Try Color Balance Purple

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