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Katy Perry Goes Purple in Europe

Katy Perry’s feeling blue these days. Blueberry Crush, that is… the juicy new hair-color picked by our very own hair pro, Nine Zero One celebrity colorist, Rick Henry, for the European leg of her latest tour. This lusciously ripe, violet-based shade was delivered with Joico’s Color Butter Purple, creamy decadence that adds bold pops of color when — and where — you want it.

If, like Katy, you’re looking to dabble in gutsy Purple for up to ten shampoos, then commitment-free Color Butter Purple is the way to go: It’s a quickie trick that adds mega change to hair without the long-term obligation of permanent color; plus, the nourishing hybrid product combines fun color and reparative function in one luscious tub.

How to get Katy’s not-so-secret crush…

1/2 oz of Joico Color Butter Purple mixed with 2 oz of Joico K-PAK Intense Hydrator dilutes Color Butter to the perfect purple tone that Rick and Katy were seeking. (Coincidence that it’s also Pantone’s Color of the Year? We think not.)
Apply to Clean wet hair – let it process for 10 minutes, then rinse, cleanse with a light shampoo, and style as desired. To nail Katy’s perfectly “imperfect” pixie ‘do, Rick recommends applying Joico Body Shake or Hair Shake, then lightly tousling with fingers for natural-looking texture.

(For longer-lasting color, use Color Intensity Semi-Permanent Color Conversion Formulation: 2 oz Clear + 1/4 oz Indigo. Apply to level 10 blonde hair and process for 20 minutes.)

The makeup that punches things up…

When going gutsy in hair color, makeup has to stand up to the challenge. You can “kopy” Katy’s look with this blue-based pink palette….

Lips: Covergirl’s Katy Kat Gloss in Kitty Karma
Eyes: Covergirl’s Katy Kat Eyeshadow Palette in Hot Kat
Lashes: Covergirl’s Katy Kat Wink False Lashes in Fluffy Kat
Cheeks: Covergirl’s Instant Cheekbones Contouring Blush in Purely Plum

When celebrities float down the red carpet at the Oscars, it’s simply the means to an end: Get to your seat, get your award. When celebrities float down the red carpet at NYC’s Met Ball, the annual fundraising gala to benefit the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s famed Costume Institute, the carpet IS the award. It’s the place where fashion and beauty have no limits, where stars are born, and glam gals Katy Perry and Cara Delevingne get coiffed to the nines…by US. Come see!


With her cage-y black dress and heavily adorned noir crown, model/actress Cara Delevingne made headlines…literally. And the only possible hairstyle that could stand up to such a statement costume had to come from a pro with serious vision — in this case, our very own Mara Roszak, who used Joico Color Butters — intensely conditioning shades that wash out in just ten shampoos — as the key accent to Cara’s spiky blonde coif. Here’s how the art unfolded:

  • First up was a cocktail of Joico Color Intensity Color Butters in Purple Mauve and Pink Rose — together they morphed into the perfect shade to compliment Cara’s pink cheeks and lips.
  • Next, Mara applied the mixture to Cara’s damp hair, let it sit for five minutes, then rinsed it out thoroughly.
  • A rough blow dry followed to keep volume and texture intact (important, so Cara’s hair could be seen above the peek of her headpiece).
  • Once hair was dry, Joico Hair Shake Liquid To Powder Texturizer was applied, so Mara could sculpt the hair and give it movement.
  • Once Cara was dressed and the crown was placed, Mara sprayed her hair all over with Joico Power Spray Fast-Dry Finishing Spray for extra hold.



Joico Guest Artist, Rick Henry, is no stranger to Katy Perry’s outrageously fun style — after all, he’s her personal hair pro for the Witness Tour. He’s also the man who knows that there’s no such thing as tame for his “mane” client. So when Katy decided to fly against convention and wing things up for her red-carpet appearance, he sprang into action and gave her the perfect pale blonde ‘do to accompany her gold get-up.

  • Color came first. In this case, Blonde Life Lightening Powder with 20 Vol LumiShine Developer on the roots. Rick let that process for 35 minutes.
  • Next was a mix of Blonde Life Lightening Powder with 10 Vol LumiShine Developer to bring up the intensity of Katy’s ends. That was applied and processed for the final ten minutes.
  • The finish was a toner of ½ 10SB and Clear.
  • Now it was onto the styling: After towel-drying Katy’s short pixie cut, Rick applied Heat Set Blowout Perfecting Crème to safeguard hair from heat damage.
  • Once hair was dry, it was on to Joico Beach Shake, which provided glam texture, satiny hydration, and that perfectly “imperfect” separation to create the piece-y “rock angel” mega hit.

We were tickled pink to see Joico hit the pages of People Magazine recently, thanks to the handiwork of our very own hair pro, Rick Henry of LA’s Nine Zero One Salon, who helped client Katy Perry wrap up the Asian leg of her recent tour with an adorable nod to cherry blossoms. We’ve got the scoop, the formula, and even the beauty tricks to pull it off.

“I fell in love with so many different cherry blossoms, from Tokyo to South Korea,” raved Katy on her Insta page, where the star first unveiled her brand-new pinked-up ‘do. (Along with a blinged-out Hello Kitty purse, we might add.) The transformation was surprisingly easy, as Katy had been sporting platinum hair all year, the perfect canvas for Joico Color Butter Pink, a quickie way to add a feminine flush that lasts up to 10 shampoos. This commitment-free hybrid combines fun color and reparative function in one luscious tub — and was a no-brainer when Rick was tasked with commemorating Katy’s tour in his own special way. “I used Joico’s Pink Color Butter for the whole dye process — it’s a very easy color line to use,” Rick explained to the editors of PeopleStyle. “Being that she was already blonde, the entire process from start to finish took about 30 minutes.”


How to get Perry’s cherries…

1/4 oz of Joico Color Butter Pink mixed with 2 oz of Joico Blonde Life Conditioner. (Tip: Diluting the product with a healthy conditioner provides a softer pastel result.) Apply to clean wet hair – let it sit for 10 minutes, and rinse.
For longer-lasting color, use Color Intensity Semi-Permanent Color
Conversion Formulation: 1 oz Clear + 1/4 oz Soft Pink.


The makeup to bring out the magic…

Nothing puts the bloom on rosy hair better than makeup with the punch of pink. You can “kopy” Katy’s look with this glowing beauty line-up…

Lips: Covergirl’s Katy Kat Matte Lipstick in Magenta Minx
Eyes: NYX Primal Colors Pressed Pigment in Hot Pink
Cheeks: MAC Extra Dimension Blush in Rosy Cheeks
Lashes: Covergirl’s Katy Kat Wink False Lashes in Kat Whiskers

Favorite parts of the Academy Awards this year: watching blinged-out stars do a candy ambush on unsuspecting movie-theater patrons…Price Is Right-style jet ski giveaway for shortest acceptance speech…Emma Roberts’s dreamy vintage-glam hair that looked picture-perfect with this year’s retro Oscars theme. Come behind the curtain with us and see how Emma’s award-worthy ‘do got ready for the red carpet…

Excitement was positively palpable as Hollywood darling, Emma Roberts, sat in the chair for hair and makeup, prepping for her awards show entrance. And with Joico and superstar stylist, Nikki Lee of LA’s famed Nine Zero One Salon in the driver’s seat, everyone — including Emma — was confident the destination would be stunning. (It was.) “We knew that with her vintage-esque Prada dress, Emma’s hair had to stay sleek and classic,” says Nikki, who lined up her favorite Joico products on the counter and got busy with the glam squad. “And she ultimately looked like a vintage dream!” Here, the directions to dazzling:

  • Nikki started by towel-drying Emma’s hair, then applying a volumizing spray at the roots, and leave-in conditioner on the ends.
  • Next, it was time for a smooth, silky blowout using her favorite Neuro Halo dryer.
  • Once hair was completely dry, Nikki applied Joico Ironclad Thermal Protectant Spray to delicate strands, creating a safety net for the flat ironing that was to come.
  • With flat iron in hand, Nikki created polished bends throughout Emma’s hair, holding the iron at a diagonal and creating alternating peaks and valleys.
  • Because sleek doesn’t mean flat, Joico’s Body Shake Spray was up next…lending a plush, airy, bombshell finish to the star’s signature blonde hair.

See More Hot Oscar Hair Trends: “Lived-In” Hair

When we put super-colorist and Joico Guest Artist, Zoe Carpenter, on red-carpet duty at the Oscar’s this week, she came back with a trend report that’s a breath of fresh hair: Celebrities sporting absolutely stunning color creations that are all about looking glamorous but relaxed, pretty but not precious. “It’s a beautiful, unpretentious look that’s utterly wearable,” explains Zoe.

I, Margot

At first glance, Margot Robbie’s easy, wave-driven bob looks likes a piece of cake. Some nice ice (no pun intended), a few honeyed highlights, and a smattering of dark roots to give the whole creation an air of laissez-faire. But that’s just code for a brilliantly dreamed up ‘do. In fact, this “lived-in” blonde look is all about cleverly devised shadow roots and strategic lighter strands near the face, providing dimension and glamour in one fell swoop. Blonde Life Brightening Veil will keep this look frizz-fee and the blonde shining bright.


Bend The Law

With a halo of bend-y tendrils — the kind that say, yes I curled my hair; but not so much that I look like I’m trying too hard — Jennifer Lawrence put sun-kissed blonde front and center. A play of light and dark/butter and gold, her low-maintenance-looking Boho glow was chill but cleverly conceived. As though some blonde had grown out, and the sun had thrown new glints in. Joico’s NEW Beach Shake will add the “piecy” separation without the salt-spray tackiness! For finer hair, just switch it up to NEW Body Shake.


Garnering Compliments

When Jennifer Garner appeared in all her stunning brunette glory, everyone’s eyes went to the artfully woven, warm-bronze highlights placed purposefully around her face. They were deliberate and subtle: just enough so her skin developed a rosy, youthful glow; not so much that it took away from the very luscious chestnut mane and less-is-more vibe. Color Therapy Luster Lock Treatment is the perfect deep- conditioner to give this look the vibrancy it needs to make those dimensional highlights continue to pop, well after the salon visit.

Call it a topknot, a bun, a high chignon…whatever the buzzword, that classic, lofty updo has fallen from grace. (Literally.) What you’ll see instead: celebrities favoring glam, low-on-the-nape knots, twists, and turns that take uptight looks down a notch. Check out some of our favs…


Emma Stone’s neat low-do (read: no messy tendrils to detract from smoky eyes, great brows, and serious earrings) sweeps hair back and off the face without the severity of a tight French twist.

Secret weapon: Hair Shake Finishing Texturizer Spray. Apply before gathering hair back for foolproof holding power.



Angelina Jolie is down with face-framing wispy waves that soften the intensity of her red-carpet hair. A few seconds with a large-barrel curling iron works magic on those sexy strands.

Secret weapon: Ironclad Thermal Protectant Spray to shield hair from the damage of thermal styling tools.



When Christina Hendricks ties things up for the Golden Globes, it becomes a bow-dacious nod to classic French style. Simple, chic, and just a little knotty.

Secret weapon: Instant Refresh Dry Shampoo — the transformative answer to second-day hair that needs to do what it’s told.



Paparazzi scrambled to snap the adorable ‘do worn by Margot Robbie at the Peter Rabbit premiere. She doubled up in back with “knot” one, but TWO low-to the-neck twists…

Secret weapon: Blonde Life Brightening Veil — our genius shine-booster that doubles hair’s strength and boosts illumination beyond the pale.



Elegantly, neatly, and sweetly swept back for the Annihilation premiere, Natalie Portman’s low-do showcases close-to-the-head style and a deep, dark side part.

Secret weapon: Flip Turn Volumizing Finishing Spray to keep every perfectly placed strand staying just so.



A straight-down-the-middle part and plenty of loose, wavy strands give Britt Baron’s SAG Awards low-do a 5-star review. With interest in front and in back, she’s glowing when coming and going.

Secret weapon: K-PAK Color Therapy Luster Lock Instant Shine & Repair Treatment gives hair an immediate red-carpet makeover in minutes.


More Celeb hair…
>> See Robin Wright And Daughter Dylan Get Emmy’s Ready with Joico’s Hair Pro

Ever since Sunday night, celebrity wrap-up shows have been buzzing about black dresses, powerful women, Oprah’s speech, and whether Angelina really was snubbing Jennifer Aniston during her appearance on stage. But we’re talking about the one thing that truly rocked Hollywood’s 75th Annual Golden Globe Awards: the hair! Joico’s style superstar, Zoe Carpenter, was on the sidelines and reports on the real winners of the night…


Margot Robbie skated right to the top of the list by sporting an amazing, low-maintenance blonde with “perfect attitude,” reports Zoe Carpenter, who gave the actress, nominated for portraying figure skater Tonya Harding, a perfect score for nailing this just-right shade. “There needs to be the perfect amount of warmth to a glowing blonde…too brassy, and it clashes with any skin tone. Too cool, and it detracts from the brilliance of the look. Like a true champ (rumor has it, Robbie was actually battling the flu on the red carpet), this blonde bombshell pulled it off perfectly–with just the right amount of ice.



You can thank Kim Kardashian for popularizing the platinum-with-roots look, but you can thank Game of Thrones actress Emilia Clarke for pulling it off perfectly at the Globes this year. “The real Khaleesi went the shade she was meant to be,” raved Zoe of the star’s two-tone look — icy blonde with just the right amount of sexy root to balance the cool. “Emilia is blessed with that dead-on neutral skin tone, which means she can wear a wide range of shades,” explains Zoe.



Her name might mean white, but actress Blanca Blanco boldly wore red amid a sea of black gowns at the Globes. And she wore that same fiery warmth in her hair, killing any notion that says brunette is boring. “Every time a client comes in with a picture of a celebrity’s hair color they desire, I guide them to aim for those who have similarities in their features and coloring,” says Zoe. Which is why Blanca’s going to be a shining example in salons across the country: Her spicy, warm brunette added glimmer and depth to her gorgeous olive skin tone. “It made every feature pop,” raves Zoe.

See 2017’s Golden Globe looks…

Can you hear those corks popping? That’s the sound of editors at the hottest magazines toasting the gorgeous new ‘do created for actress Emma Roberts by superstar colorist, Riawna of LA’s Nine Zero One Salon. Coined Champagne Pop, the new cool-meets-warm look — using Joico’s LumiShine line — fuses champagne shades of blonde with edgy, ashy, platinum tones;  a three-appointment sensation that left Emma’s hair “feeling healthier than ever!”



New 🎨 #ChampangePop for the beauty #901girl 👸🏼@EmmaRoberts 🍾🍾🍾 Stylist, don’t forgot to remind your clients going from brunette to blonde, that “3 times a charm” ✨ it’s near impossible to get that perfect blonde in one appointment. Clients, be patient with your stylist! Healthy, beautiful color takes time! 🕑 And make sure with every appt you trim those ends to keep the health of the hair ✂️ Emma was brown Aug 3, and before that red 😳 this is her 3rd Blonding Appt, 3 trims, and her hair feels healthier than ever. ❤️ (Extra Healthy Hair Weapons: @olaplex in my lightener and @joico #lumishine 9NV + 9V to make that perfect #ChampangePop ✨) Happy Blonding! ✨👸🏼✨ #3timesacharm #ninezeroone #✂️🎨 #mereecapri

A post shared by Riawna Capri | Hairstylist (@riawna) on

Emma’s the ultimate chameleon

Known for playing with her hair color, the Scream Queens star sported a gingery red shade earlier this summer. On August 3rd, she went to town with brown. But the headline-making winner was definitely the blonde bombshell that Emma debuted on Sunday, September 24th.

Three times a charm

It took a trifecta of salon visits to achieve Emma’s new shade of blonde. NOT because things didn’t go as planned, but because Riawna explains that it’s nearly impossible to nail the perfect dimensional blonde in a single session.  By spacing out multiple color sessions, you allow for grow-out and then gradually add and subtract color and highlights. “Healthy, beautiful color takes time,” she says.

Staying trim

Even if you’re trying to grow out a short bob, take your cue from Emma’s healthy ‘do and get ends trimmed at every single color appointment. Contrary to popular belief, these mini cuts won’t set you back on your grow-out journey; they’ll just keep hair neat and healthy, showing off blonde color to best advantage.

Staying true to her hue

Now that Emma’s a talk-of-the-town blonde, how exactly to stay that way? The answer is Blonde Life Shampoo and Conditioner — the ultimate daily duo to hydrate hair while banishing brass and minimizing the inevitable fade factor. Use them in tandem with Blonde Life Brightening Veil, stocked with rich, exotic oils to instantly safeguard strands, boost shine, banish frizz, and double hair’s strength.


See how Riawna took Julianne Hough to a brighter blonde for her wedding!

If gorgeous hair isn’t a reason to binge-watch Netflix, we don’t know what is. And we’re not the only ones who are tuning in these days for more than a good plot line: With the help of six very discriminating reviewers (read: Joico’s most high-profile hair stars, like Drea Lecher, Denis De Souza, and Gion Vincent), we’ve got your fall lineup in the can…



Her picks…

Emmy Rossum as Fiona Gallagher in Shameless

Thumb’s Up: Her hair is always perfection — on screen and off! I’d

love to get my hands in those locks and add some soft balayage lights; and lay our 7NWB LumiShine Liquid Glaze over them.



Sophie Turner as Sansa Stark in Game of Thrones

Thumb’s Up: Her light golden-copper reds…YES! Here at Joico, we do them best (yup, I said it), so I’d love to play with her enhancements within our amazing color shade options in the JoiColor System. I mean, really, just when you think it can’t get better….



Natalie Dormer as Margaery Tyrell in Game of Thrones

Thumb’s Up: Always soft, pretty and simple; the styling is done so well. (Note: Simple doesn’t necessarily mean easy.)



Nathalie Emmanuel as Missandei in Game of Thrones

Thumb’s Up: That texture is EVERYTHING!  Can we say Duo Lights? Yes, please.



Kit Harrington as Jon Snow in Game of Thrones

Thumb’s Up: The perfect cut and style to support those perfect curls.  I’m pretty sure Kit needs to have our Joico Curl line on hand forever.


A post shared by Denis De Souza (@denisdesouza) on


Kathryn Hahn as Raquel Fein in Transparent

Thumb’s Up: Not only is she an amazing actress, but I absolutely love the way her deeper base contrasts with the very natural highlights I give her to accent her skin and eyes. We use LumiShine 5NA + 20 for roots; Vero K-PAK Creame Lightener + 20 Volume Developer for about 10 minutes just to break the color a little bit. Then, it’s rinse time, followed by a gloss of LumiShine 1/3 Clear + 1/3 8NA + 1/3 9V.




Bryce Dallas Howard as Lacie Pound in Black Mirror

Thumb’s Up: Beautiful hair! This look is so subtle and soft; it’s just a whisper of golden-red. I find that the NWB line in LumiShine is incredible for softening reds without browning out your formula. To recreate Bryce’s subtle bronzed look, I’d go with LumiShine Permanent Creme Color 1 1/2 oz. 10NWB + 1/2 oz. 8NC.  Afterwards, I would glaze with equal parts LumiShine Liquid Color in 10NG + 9NC for a sheer, golden glisten.



Drew Barrymore as Sheila Hammond in Santa Clarita Diet

Thumb’s Up I kinda dug this fun, kooky throwback to 80’s/macabre comedy. And Drew is one of the pioneers of the Ombré — she wears it really well. To create the look, I’d foil Blonde Life Lightener in strategic places to contour her face; particularly around her hairline, behind her ears (to give a glow underneath), as well as on the part line.  I would then use Free Play Clay Lightener to paint in bright, sunny pieces on hair lengths. Drew’s natural base is dark, but she still lightens it slightly for a shadowed-but-soft look. For this, I would use LumiShine permanent 7NA. What I LOVE about the NA’s is that they are green-based, which is excellent for canceling red as you are lifting, and they offer a very cool/natural result. I would gloss with LumiShine Demi-Permanent Liquid Color 9NV mixed equally with 10NWB for  a soft champagne glow.




Katherine Langford as Hannah Baker in 13 Reasons Why

Thumb’s Up: Katherine sports one of my favorite go-to textures/styles. Sometimes she’s rocking a more natural curl and other times she glams it up with a polished, refined wave.

To get her more natural look, apply Joico Curl Defining Contouring Foam Wax to damp hair from roots to ends, diffusing hair upside down until 90% dry, then flip the head right side up. (Be mindful of which side you would like the hair to gravitate toward, and flip in the same direction.) Next, use Joico Hair Shake on the ends, working your way up, and lifting the hair away from the head for extra root volume. Every few sprays, take a look in the mirror and scrunch the product… it works fast and you don’t want to over apply. Finally, spray Joico Flip Turn Volumizing Finishing Spray around the face for stability and control (and to keep hair from dropping into the eye line).


To get her polished look, I recommend a nice, smooth blowout with Joico Heat Set until fully dry, and then curl hair in 3-inch panels, from the bottom to the top. Use 2 different size irons (1 inch and 1 ¼ inch) and work your way to the crown, making sure to clip the uncurled hair out of the way to ensure a nice, clean section. For best results, wrap the hair around the iron and leave the last inch out for a more modern, youthful look. To finish, emulsify Joico K-PAK Protect & Shine Serum in your hands, and apply from mid-shaft to ends. Feel free to flip head upside down and add extra oomph with Joico Flip Turn Volumizing Finishing Spray; give hair one more spritz after you flip hair back up.



Robin Wright as Claire Underwood in House of Cards

Thumb’s Up: This season, Robin’s character had a bit of a job title switcheroo, which naturally called for a hairstyle upgrade. As a woman with more power, it appears that her visual strength has softened a bit, inviting the girlyness of a touchable bob to replace the structure of her previous signature haircut. Robin’s facial structure has proven to be able to rock any length, from down to the waist all the way to a crop. This new look has such a strong and regal shape, yet with a soft flowing texture. To recreate it, start with damp hair and apply Joico JoiWhip from roots to ends, blow-drying hair under with a large, round brush from the bottom to the mohawk section on top. Then, begin blowing the hair down and back up in a Farrah Fawcett motion; set it for a few minutes with large silver clips while you work on the texture of the bottom portion. Then, using a mid-to-large- size barrel curing iron (and beginning in the back, working your way forward), bend the hair in alternating sections both towards the face and away from the face. Soften the look by running a large-tooth comb from roots to ends. And finally, spray Joico Hair Shake from mid-shaft to ends, scrunching as you go; a final pass of Joico Power Spray Hairspray holds fringe hair in place, so eyes get all the focus.




Emilia Clarke as Khalessi in Game of Thrones

Thumb’s Up: Her platinum hair and braids are so on trend at the moment, and have inspired today’s number-one hair color. She’d fit right in at Coachella! To create Emilia’s look, go with Joico’s Blonde Life Lightener with 9+ levels of conditioning lift; followed by Vero K-PAK Color Toners in TSB or TPB to ensure the icy hue. LumiShine Demi-Permanent Liquid 9NV +Clear is another option for a clean, translucent, smoky tone with unbelievable shine.



Madelaine Petsch as Cheryl Blossom in Riverdale

Thumb’s Up: Hands down, my vote goes to Madelaine Petsch. I’ve never seen red locks like that — effortless and wearable. With the LumiShine NRG’s launching, she’s the perfect example of a neutral anchoring a red shade. Not too bright, not too dull!


For more celebrity hair inspiration, check out our Emmy’s hair how-to.