Hair Shake

Hair Shake

Texturizing Finisher

With the simple shake of a bottle, this radically different liquid-to-powder texturizer delivers a micro-fine mist to create drama-filled, voluminous hair. Spray it, layer it, play with it for buildable texture in seconds.

Hair Shake model and product

Here’s Why You’ll Love It

The transformative formula turns “plumping” powder into a versatile mist for easy application without unsightly residue.

Fast-dry finish means your style is set in seconds

Creates moldable texture with grit

Easily build texture and volume on any hair type

Creates a great foundation for any updo styling

Pump nozzle lets you control application for long-lasting texture and volume

Stainless-steel ball technology ensures a perfect balance of powder and liquid

Reviews & Testimonials

3.4 rating
3.4 out of 5 stars (based on 13 reviews)
Very good31%

Now Let’s Use It

Hair Shake Liquid-to-Powder Texturizing Finisher is ideal for any hair type, color, texture, or length.

Directions: Simply shake and apply six inches from dry hair. Tousle and mold strands as desired, adding additional product for buildable texture.

Let’s Look Inside

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A perfect combination of protective ingredients, plus state-of-the-art technology, puts this powerful, buildable texturizer on the edge of style.

Bentonite Clay

Effectively adds texture and grip for all hair types


A sugar substitute, is cleverly used to block humidity

Cosmetic Grade Silica

Provides density and lift

Magnesium Silicate

A finely divided talc-like powder, infuses hair with gorgeous with volume

Bio-Advanced Peptide Complex

Our exclusive blend of smart, hair-identical keratins that repair hair from the inside out. These optimized proteins actively “seek out” and lock in on damaged sites, providing around-the-clock hair repair and protection.


3.0 rating

I have very fine, straight, heavy, and long hair. I have watched all the tutorials and tried everything they say, but especially the one posted here about the 3 Ways Hair Tutorial says at one point “Don’t worry about using too much”, this means that there’s no problem if you do, yes? Well, no. I don’t think I have ever used too much and yet, my fresh clean hair looks like 3 or 4 days dirty when I use the Hair Shaker! Granted, I get a LOT of volume and I love that, but what use is a beautiful volume when you have to wear a hat to hide the dirty appearance? That is why I gave it 3 stars, right in the middle because I am divided with this one.

4.0 rating

Love this product, 2-3 spray in the morning, a quick brush and I’m ready to go. My hairdresser introduced it to me and I’m glad he did.
As for the clogged spray: Yes, it happened to me too, with very little product used from the bottle. Nothing seemed to help, so at the end I used my oral irrigator’s high pressure water stream and it did the trick. The product is useless without the spray indeed.

4.0 rating

I liked this the first few times I used it, then the sprayer stopped working. Thinking maybe it was clogged, I took it out and ran hot water over the sprayer part and used a brush. Did nothing. I have only used maybe a fourth of the bottle. The others who claim it did nothing for their fine hair which I have are apparently using too much especially if they say it does not dry and it makes their hair look dirty. Mine dried immediately. I am giving only four stars because of the sprayer. It is useless without the sprayer.


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