Daily Care

Just a little off balance? Bring it back.
With just the right amount of conditioning and protection, our classic Daily Care formulas
bring normal-to-dry and normal-to-oily hair back into healthy, beautiful balance.

Daily Care Conditioner bottle

Daily Care Conditioning Shampoo

We love the versatility of our Daily Care Conditioning Shampoo—you can actually leave it in or rinse it out, depending on how much moisture you’re seeking. (And even then, it will never weigh hair down or cause a case of the greasies).

Conditioning Shampoo
Daily Care Detangler bottle

Daily Care Leave-In Detangler

There’s your average-Joe detangler that allows you to run a comb through freshly-washed locks… and then there’s our Daily Care version that does so much more: like deliver body and shine; protect hair from the elements; and throw in a good bit of moisture to boot. (And yes, it still tackles those tangles.)

Leave-In Detangler