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Denis Mare Salon

The trendsetting work of our crazy-great colorist, Denis De Souza, has been splashed across magazines from coast to coast…it’s come to life on Joico’s most popular videos…and has appeared on stage and in our classes. The guy is, frankly, a genius hair artist and we can’t get enough of the glorious color he brings to life. Lucky for us—and everyone in Los Angeles—there’ll be no shortage of “Denis style” now that he’s opened the doors to his very own salon. Introducing, Mare: a self-described beauty oasis, where client pampering is as much a priority as really stunningly beautiful hair. We sat down with this industry darling to hear all about his new baby…and the wisdom that prompted him to go it solo. Listen in on the conversation:

Joico: Denis, you’re sought after by scores of celebrities, beauty editors, and clients every single day. What made you take on the enormous adventure of opening your own salon on top of everything else you’re doing?
Denis: Truthfully, I’ve never been one of those people who stay comfortable focusing on just one thing—which is why I’ve been juggling my busy schedule as a hair colorist and an ambassador for Joico. I truly believe the possibilities for growth in our industry are endless…so for me, it was just about reaching the next step in my career and acknowledging there’s always room for more!

Joico: Ok, we’re curious. Why the name, Mare?
Denis: There’s no secret behind the choice. It’s such a pretty word—in English, Mare is the feminine term for a horse; and in my native Portuguese, it means ocean—so when my two partners suggested the name, I jumped on it. Sounds so lovely, I think.

Mare Salon indoors

Joico: Tell us about your salon…what’s it like when a client walks through the doors?
Denis: Mare is an intimate salon—only 12 chairs total (seven for stylists, five for colorists); but we’ve turned it into a pretty special beauty oasis for our customers. Designed by Richard Petit, the salon has a definite Franco-Japonaise influence…tons of natural light; an indoor/outdoor zen garden where clients can enjoy a cappuccino and take advantage of the California weather. I’ve been dreaming about this salon forever; and creating it took almost two years. But it’s been soooo worth the wait!

Joico: What sets your salon apart from, say, any other high-end LA space?
Denis: Mare isn’t just a salon…it’s a lifestyle. Everything in the salon is for sale—from furniture to art to jewelry. Clients walk in and the vibe is chic and elegant, yet super cozy; like you’re in the gorgeous home of a best friend. In the end, we’re striving to create beauty in hair and in life.

Joico: Does the salon specialize in a particular look? You know…that calling card that says we’re the experts in one particular hair trend?
Denis: Our staff has a wide variety of skills and expertise…if anything, Mare’s specialty is creating refined but effortless hair; making sure clients don’t become slaves to the salon for touch-ups and can replicate their style at home. As for me? I’m up for all tasks…but I have a big brunette clientele. They tell me they have trouble finding a colorist who can deliver highlights on their dark hair without it looking brassy or orange.

Joico: What’s the ONE thing you’d like everyone to know about your new baby?
Denis: It’s absolutely this: We want every client who leaves our salon to feel special and pampered; after all, they’re spending hours with us. Those should be hours well spent. Fortunately, in the short time we’ve been open, lots of clients have been complimenting us about our great energy and warmth…and for me, that’s the most important thing to hear.

Mare Salon: 152 N. Wetherly Drive, West Hollywood, CA, 90048
(424) 274-3479


Chris Rock may have kept us laughing throughout this year’s Academy Awards, but the parade of ultra-glam hair also rocked; and we’re thrilled to take you backstage to show you how the hottest ‘dos were done. With our favorite Hollywood pros on hand—colorist-to-the-stars, Denis De Souza, and mega-stylist, Paul Norton—we got the scoop, the step-by-steps, and some red-carpet commentary so you can “rock” these dazzling looks in the real world. The glamour begins right here….

A Night of Color

Diversity may have been the target of opening-monologue jokes this year, but there was plenty of color in attendance when it came to Oscar-winning hair. Among the scores of paparazzi-worthy looks, three actresses caught the meticulous eye of colorist, Denis De Souza, who was ready to hand over some statues for hair-color extraordinaire. The winners in his book…

attends the 88th Annual Academy Awards at Hollywood & Highland Center on February 28, 2016 in Hollywood, California.

Naomi Watts: This blonde bombshell took a classic color to new heights with a technique that Denis coins “babylights”—the bright but real-looking blonde-on-blonde highlights that call to mind the natural glints in a baby’s hair.

HOLLYWOOD, CA - FEBRUARY 28: Actress Charlize Theron attends the 88th Annual Academy Awards at Hollywood & Highland Center on February 28, 2016 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

Charlize Theron: Golden statues and golden strands went hand in hand when the statuesque actress took to the stage with a beautiful, buttery-blonde coif. Set off perfectly against what may well have been the gown of the night—a red Christian Dior stunner—the new shade knocked regular blonde right out of the ballpark.

Actress Julianne Moore attends the 88th Annual Academy Awards at Hollywood & Highland Center on February 28, 2016 in Hollywood, California.

Julianne Moore: Vibrant, glossy, and artfully amped-up with copper, the ginger beauty made us see red on the red carpet…in the best possible way.


The Do-It-Yourself Dazzlers

We put superstar stylist, Paul Norton, on the trail of trendsetting hair at the Oscars and what he saw will have every Hollywood OUT-sider jumping for joi: The very best coifs of the night had nothing to do with elaborately styled, impossible-to-pull-off hairdos…but rather, super feminine, startlingly easy looks that anyone—including rookies–can replicate with ease.

attends the 88th Annual Academy Awards at Hollywood & Highland Center on February 28, 2016 in Hollywood, California.

Alicia Vikander: She took home the award for Best Supporting Actress and might as well have taken home the award for Best Supporting Hair—a charming half-up/half-down look that had some commentators likening her to Beauty and the Beast’s Belle. (The yellow strapless gown didn’t hurt, either.) To create your own belle-of-the-ball ‘do…

·      Apply a generous amount of Joico’s Heat Set to damp hair and tousle dry fully with a blow-dryer.

·      Using a large-barrel curling iron, gently create bends (not full curls) throughout the hair, avoiding several inches from the ends.

·      Spray the “bends” with Hair Shake to amp up volume and hold.

·      Separate the top hair (from the ear up), creating a center part and gathering hair into a high ponytail. Secure with an elastic.

·      Twist the pony into a bun shape and hold it in place with discreet bobby pins.

·      Give the look a good dose of Flip Turn Volumizing Finishing Spray.

HOLLYWOOD, CA - FEBRUARY 28: Actress Rooney Mara attends the 88th Annual Academy Awards at Hollywood & Highland Center on February 28, 2016 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Steve Granitz/WireImage)

Rooney Mara: Showing a brilliant display of contrasts, this Oscar-nominated actress paired a delicate, blush-lace dress with an elegantly stark triple bun in the darkest, deepest brunette. To copy-cat her coif…

·      Separate hair into three sections (bottom, middle, top). Emulsify a bit of Joico Crème Wax into the palms of your hand, then gather each section into individual ponytails, securing with elastics. Zap any flyaways with an extra dab of Crème Wax where needed.

·      Create a small knot with the top pony, wrapping an elastic around it to secure; then connect any excess hair to the next section, repeating the same step. Continue to the bottom knot, spritzing this last section with Hair Shake before wrapping into a knot and securing with bobby pins.

·      Finish the look with Flip Turn Volumizing Finishing Spray to tame flyaways and add a doze of texture and hold.

Get the how-to’s on last year’s hair winners.

*Use of any Joico product(s) on or by any individual(s) does not constitute any endorsement except by official brand spokespersons and representatives.


When Latina magazine decided to put singing sensation, Becky G, on the cover of their annual Spring Style issue, they tapped none other than our favorite Hollywood pro, Paul Norton, to ‘do her up right. And that was no small feat, given the fact that Becky was going to be gracing a portfolio worth of glorious shots before the day was done. His challenge? Transforming her textured tendrils into glam waves that would morph easily from look to look; which is where Joico’s new Curl line came into play. See exactly how Paul pulled the whole shoot off—and get his detailed how-to’s—right here….

Becky G Cover Latina


This luxe side ‘do shows off the femininity of perfectly placed curls.

·      Start by spraying damp hair with Joico Curl Correcting Milk, distributing product from roots to ends.

·      Apply a palm-size dollop of Joico Curl Defining Contouring Foam Wax and work it evenly throughout the hair.

·      Blow-dry fully.

·      Curl 2-inch sections from root to ends using a 1 ¼-inch barrel iron, working your way from the back to the front. Pin each curl into temporary place with a clip to hold the shape. (Be sure to curl face-framing pieces away from the face.) Allow hair to cool and set for at least 15-20 minutes.

·      Remove clips, and using a combing motion, drag fingers through the hair to gently separate the curls; allow them to remain somewhat intact so the look doesn’t go “beachy’ on you.

·      Push all the hair to one side of the head and spritz with Joico Flip Turn Finishing Spray for hold and shine.

Becky G Loose Waves - Latina


A little softer, a little looser… without losing the edge.

·      Start by cocktailing a mix of Joico Curl Defining Contouring Foam Wax and Curl Controlling Anti-Frizz Styler in your hand, working it thoroughly throughout damp hair.

·      Blow-dry fully.

·      Next, create a middle part and begin curling hair with a large-barrel iron, starting in back and working your way forward. The key to keeping these waves soft? Wrapping pieces of hair around the iron, but avoiding the ends.

·      Gently “bend” hair in front away from the face using a beveled flat iron.

·      Now it’s time for shine: Apply a small amount of Joico K-PAK Protect & Shine Serum to hair, starting at the root and working your way to the ends using a flat, boar-bristle brush to distribute the product. Be sure to work in small sections, brushing all the way down to keep hair perfectly smooth.

·      Spritz with Joico Flip Turn Finishing Spray to set the style and lock in shine.

Becky G Faux Bob - Latina


Who needs a drastic cut when you can go faux?

·      Start with the steps to create the cover look.

·      Next, pull hair that’s above the ears up and out of the way, holding temporarily with a clip. Secure the bottom section into a low ponytail.

·      Generously spray Joico Hair Shake into the entire pony, then use a large-tooth comb to tease hair for texture and dimension. Secure the end of the pony with another elastic.

·      Now, begin rolling the pony under until you get to the base; securing it with bobby pins. (Hint: This creates a cushion for the top hair, and another base to pin that hair into.)

·      Unclip top hair, taking small sections and gently laying them on the cushion, pinning each with a bobby pin. (Re-curl any sections that need a bit more definition.)

·      Add another few spritzes of Hair Shake and gently scrunch the loose pieces at the front to create fullness.

·      A good dose of Flip Turn Finishing Spray and you’re out the door!

Mega hair artist and Instagram star, Castillo, has been setting off industry fireworks with his explosively creative red-carpet looks; and that’s no easy feat when you consider how many paparazzi hair ops Hollywood sees each week. We’re especially loving the ‘dos Castillo’s been designing for actress, Priyanka Chopra, lately: everything from a loosely low-slung bun for the recent Screen Actors Guild Awards to a braid-and-bump combo…and, our favorite, an inventive hair “bow” without a ribbon in sight! Check out the exquisite photos—and get step-by-step instructions—right here…


Priyanka at SAGs

Priyanka Chopra’s “Knotted Chignon Updo” at the SAG Awards

Step 1: On clean damp hair, apply K-PAK Split End Mender on the tips of the hair

Step 2: Work Joico Heat Set and Joico K-PAK Color Therapy Restorative Styling Gel on the roots and mid-shaft of the hair, paying extra close attention to the hairline.

Step 3: Separate the hair into 4 sections. (left side, right side, crown and back.)

Step 4: Take a ceramic vented radial brush,  and begin to blow out the hair, focusing on getting the hair smooth and straight.

Step 5: While blow-drying the crown, focus on adding a nice curl and tons of volume at the base by taking a 1” section and pinning the curls over the left eye and stacking each curl over another to set.

Step 6: Once each section is smooth, start the first ponytail making two parts in the hair to set behind each ear.

Step 7: Take a dime size amount of Joico Power Gel to coat the section of the part from the root to the mid shaft and then smoothout the section.

Step 8: With an elastic, create a small off-center pony tail. Since crown section will be falling to the left, make the first ponytail on the lower left side of the head spraying with Joico Flip Turn to keep down any flyaways.

Step 9: With the remaining two side sections, spray Joico IronClad and brush the product through.

Step 10: With a flat iron, run it several times through the side sections focusing on the roots around the hair line and the ends.

Step 11: Once the side section is smooth and sleek, start the second ponytail by pulling back each remaining side section and crossing them over the existing pony tail and fastening with an elastic. This technique will keep your pony tail tight and in place.

Step 12: Spray Joico Flip Turn and brush down each side to create a smooth and sleek effect.

Step 13: To finish off the crown section  release each pin curl (above the left eye) and brush everything out. Then divide the crown section into 4 sub-vertical sections.

Step 14: Curl each subsection to give off a more wave effect and pin up to let cool off.

Step 15: Once the curls finish cooling, brush out the crown section once again.

Step 16: Back comb the section to create volume at root then sweep the remainder of the hair over and across the left ear,  pinning the ends into a knotted chignon.

Step 17: Pull a couple of pieces out and tighten a few in, spraying it down with Flip Turn to lock in the look.

(Photo by Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic)

Priyanka Chopra’s “Bow Bun”

The bow bun is a fun way to spice up any normal bun or top knot.
Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Start with a beautiful blow dry using Joico Heat Set. You can never use to much of this product so use generously and brush through with a wet brush.

Step 2: Blow dry your hair with a flat brush, away from the face, directing towards the back of your head. Similar to a slick back look.

Step 3: Now it’s time to create your high pony tail. Make sure the base of the pony is positioned on the top of your head. Not to close the front but just enough to be able to see in the mirror. I like to leave some volume on the top just before the pony to add some dimension. Gather all of your hair by combing back with a boar bristle flat brush and tie with an elastic. Pull at some of your hair in the bang area to add dimension and style.

Step 4: With the remainder of your hair in a pony tail use some Joico Hair Shake to add some major texture. The more texture the better, this will help add fullness to your bow bun. Grab your brush and brush through. Once you’ve brushed through divide into the two sections and back comb each one.

Step 5: Now it’s time to create the bow. With 4 fingers, place in them in the front of your pony, take the two section and wrap around your fingers once. With another elastic secure the loop leaving the ends out.

Step 6: Separate your section and pin each one down on each side, like and open book. With the remainder of the loop sticking out, pass them through the middle of the two sections from front to back and pin. This will help conceal the elastic and create knot in the middle of your bow.

Step 7: Once you’ve finished, feel free to personalize your work by pulling and tightening the bow to your liking. Spray with Joico Flip Turn Hair Spray to keep down any fly always.

(Photo by Jerod Harris/Getty Images)

Priyanka Chopra’s “French/Reverse Braid Mohawk”

Step 1: Start with damp hair and apply a combination of Joico Heat Set and Joico K-PAK Color Therapy Restorative Oil. Apply all over and comb through with a wet brush.

Step 2: Rough blow dry your hair with your fingers and separate into three section, the left side, middle and right side. Each section should be at least four fingers wide.

Step 3: Spray each section with Joico Texture Boost then comb through each section with a flat brush.

Step 4: Grab the top section and back comb a 4 inch section, starting from the front hair line. Rake your fingers through the section to add dimension and texture. Spray with Joico Flip Turn spray to hold volume.

Step 5: With all three sections start your french braid at the top, middle of your head . Make sure to start your first braid just behind the section of hair you back combed. Continue your braid going towards the back of your head.

Step 6: Once you’ve reached the middle of the back of your head, secure the braid with an elastic.

Step 7: Continue to braid using a reverse method (under braid technique). Continue braiding until you reach the end of your hair, secure with a elastic.

Step 8: Personalize your braid by pulling at the perimeter of the braid. This will add fullness and a more lived in appearance.

Step 9: Spray your style with Joico Flip Turn. Make sure the hair on each side of your head is nice and clean. Most of the texture should be on the Mohawk area.


All images courtesy of Getty Images.

Gina Critics Choice

It’s her undeniably contagious smile that keeps actress Gina Rodriguez atop of everyone’s “choice” list no matter what event she’s at. Arriving as energetic as ever, the two-time nominee shared her beautiful smile once again at this year’s Critics’ Choice Awards in Santa Monica California wearing an hourglass Safiyaa gown with a plunging neckline and Pasquale Bruni jewels that included a flower ring outshone only by her catching joyful spirit on the red carpet. Her hair was styled in a modernly constructed loosely braided up-do to show of her dazzling smile and figuring hugging dress, by none other than Joico Celebrity Hairstylist and Spokesperson, Paul Norton.

Gina Critics Choice Crop
GET THE LOOK from Paul Norton himself:

I started by tousling her hair dry using Joico Heat Set until fully dry. Next I sprayed IronClad in sections from roots to ends to protect against the heat that would soon come from my curling and flat irons.

Sectioning from ear to ear, I started separating the front from the back, clipping the front away as I worked on the back. Using a 11/4 inch curling iron to put a gentle wave in the hair and start to develop the texture, I sprayed the entire back with Joico Hair Shake, then collected it into a what would appeared to be a ponytail in the center of the back of her head but on the 2nd time pulling the hair through the elastic stopping midway through, which created a knot and left the ends out. I wrapped these around the elastic and pinned them with bobby pins; I used more bobby pins to help confine the knot closer to the head. To counter balance the tendrils when you look at her from the front, I left a bit of hair loose at the nape of her neck on the right side. Once done with the back I sprayed it with Joico Power Spray for hold.

Next I moved on to the front section and used my flat iron at the roots and my curling iron again on the ends to bend back the hair away from the face, I took small sections and connected the front to the back knotted area. Using bobby pins and some hair pins to connect each little section to the knot, I left several tendrils just in the front to give a more free and sexy vibe only on her left side as the right side remained more sleek and allowed her face to be open and fresh .

I finished the look with more Joico Power Spray for perfect style hold, keeping the look throughout the night while protecting from the humidity.


Get the Gina’s how-to at the Golden Globes.

Those statues aren’t even on mantels yet, but the buzz on the street is out: There was some seriously winning Hollywood Hair on the red carpet last night; and we’ve got the pros to prove it. Celebrity coif-meisters Denis De Souza and Paul Norton were actually in the middle of the action, creating talked-about ‘dos on Gina Rodriguez and Jenna Dewan-Tatum that caught the lens of paparazzi cameras big-time. Want to learn exactly how these looks came to life? The show starts right here!


Jenna Dewan Golden Globes


When your gown is masterpiece of shimmering sequins against a navy backdrop, hair color needs to hold its own. “Jenna channeled a night sky for her red-carpet appearance; and her brunette locks showed it off to amazing advantage,” says her colorist, Denis De Souza.

Steal the look: After darkening hair to a deep, rich brunette, work in dimensional lowlights and an allover glaze for shine, contrast, and an elegant edge.

Golden Globes Gina Rodriguez


Classic and retro was the name of the game for stunning actress, Gina Rodriguez, who turned a Fifties-esque Zac Posen gown into an architectural masterpiece. “I wanted her hair to have that same elegant, vintage feeling,” says Hollywood hair pro, Paul Norton, who coifed her for the evening.

Steal the look: Prep hair with Joico Heat Set and blow-dry fully with a (size 3) ceramic, vented radial brush. Leave the brush on the ends for several seconds after drying to create a rounded shape. Next, spritz on Joico IronClad Thermal Protectant Spray and smooth mid-shaft hair with a flat iron, avoiding the ends to retain the bend. Using Joico Hair Shake (Paul refers to it as his “back comb in a bottle”), tease the root area around the crown and the back of the head. With a flat iron, pull the front center area directly back from the face, adding a dab of Joico Crème Wax Texture and Shine to hold and control it. (Leave a few strands free on either side for a retro shape.) Then, bend three inches of the bottom hair back away from the face using a curling iron; rake fingers through hair afterwards to loosen. Spritz ends and crown area with Joico Power Spray to eliminate flyaways and hold the look in place.

See how Joico transformed hair at last year’s Golden Globes.

Jamie Chung NYFW 1

When actress and red-carpet fashionista, Jamie Chung, got the opportunity to represent Joico at designer Rebecca Vallance’s thrilling Pop Noir show during New York Fashion Week, she knew her hair had to rock the room. Fortunately, our very own celebrity stylist, Paul Norton—who actually styled all the models–was on hand to give her a coif that rocked. The result? Glam-and-sexy Boho waves that were exactly what Jamie needed to sail through the day’s shows with the most stunning hair ever. No need to be jealous, because Paul’s sharing his tricks and tips for pulling off this hot hairstyle…

THE MISSION: Deliver a hairstyle that was chic enough to show off among New York’s finest fashionistas…but would last throughout a busy day of shows.

THE LOOK: Glam Boho waves with a sexy side part

THE RESULT: Gorgeous…and easy!


1) Tousle-dry clean, damp hair using Joico Heat Set to protect against damage from styling tools and reduce the frizz factor.

2) Once fully dry, go over hair with a blowdryer and round brush to give roots volume and smooth the ends. (Tip: Avoid the middle of the hair to keep the texture as lively as possible.)

Jamie Chung NYFW curling

3) Curl hair with two different curling irons: a 1 ¼-inch barrel and a 1-inch barrel. To create a natural, freer, more playful look, alternate the irons on each section, swapping the direction of the curls as well. (Bonus: Switching things up results in a fuller, less tailored coif.)

4) Now create a deep side part for glamour and more volume at the roots.

Jamie Chung NYFW Hair Shake

5) Tilt head back and spray Joico Hair Shake throughout the ends, using fingers as a comb to break up strands and liven things up. Tuck one side of hair behind the ear. (Trick: Hair Shake will help it stay put.)

Jamie Chung NYFW Flip Turn

6) Give the ‘do a generous once-over with Joico Flip Turn Finishing Spray to control flyaways and guarantee the look is perfect all day long.


Jamie Chung NYFW Front IMG_0051 IMG_0055


Getty Images

The question on everyone’s lips at last night’s Emmy Awards was not, “Who are you wearing?,” but rather, “Who did your hair?” And that’s because Jane The Virgin star, Gina Rodriguez, and model/author/actress, Padma Lakshmi, were exquisitely coiffed by none other than two of Joico’s finest before they hit the proverbial red carpet and the cameras started clicking.

Thanks to the Hollywood handiwork of celebrity colorist, Denis de Souza and our glossy, new color line LumiShine–designed to last up to full 30 shampoos–Padma’s trademark flowing, brunette hair got Denis’s signature “Sombré” touch; a sizzling twist on the popular Ombré look that takes sultry to a whole new level. For Gina, the task of doing justice to her magical Lorena Sarbu gown was in the hands of style master, Paul Norton, who followed the whimsical lines of the design—subdued glamour on top, flowing, elaborate floral cutouts below—as his hair cue. The result? A glam ponytail that starts out tame then becomes dramatic and voluminous as the look goes on.

Despite his intense, high-energy night, Paul brought us the exclusive how-to’s within hours of Gina’s red-carpet appearance. Get the star-studded details right here…

Steal Her Style: The How-To’s

Wash and wear: Paul instructed Gina to shampoo and condition with Joico’s new Color Infuse Brown duo (available November 2015) before they got down to business. “The products give her raven-brunette hair an extraordinary richness and vibrancy,” he explains.

Pick the perfect profile: Because Gina’s lavish gown was fitted and sleek on top, flowing and elaborate on the bottom, Paul created a coif that essentially matched the lines of the profile. In this case: a low ponytail that’s polished and tame near the face, but highly dramatic throughout the pony itself.

Blow them away: Paul worked in Joico’s Heat Set for protection and shine, then proceeded to blow-dry Gina’s hair using a Mason Pearson brush at the root area only, and fingers everywhere else to create a loose and wild effect.

Seal the deal: Once hair was fully dry, K-PAK Protect and Shine Serum was applied to the root area for sleekness, then hair was gathered into a low ponytail and secured with an elastic. (A simple strand—wrapped around the elastic—concealed Paul’s handiwork.)

Roll with it: Next up–texture. Paul used his favorite hot rollers on the ponytail, starting at the top and working his way down; he left them in for 15 minutes until fully cool. After taking the rollers out, each section of hair was gently finger-combed and spritzed with Hair Shake to create volume, then back-combed (with fingers!) for more separation and texture.

Hang back: Wrapping up the look, Paul had Gina tilt her head back, allowing the ponytail to hang freely while he gave it a good dose of Flip Turn Finishing Spray…a guarantee that the drama would last all night long.


Get more of Gina’s red-carpet look how-to’s.

When celebrity stylist, Paul Norton, was tapped to architect actress Gina Rodriguez’s hair for her stint as co-host of the recent Teen Choice Awards, he knew he was going to have to be a quick-change artist. The reason? Gina, the popular star of TV’s Jane The Virgin, was going to have to morph from red-carpet stunner to camera-ready host in a flash, and that meant creative hairstyling that was flexible, innovative…and really, really fast. (Like: Seven minutes fast.)

Naturally, Paul pulled it off—with a little help from his favorite Joico products, which, we have to admit, put a smile on our faces.

Here, the tricks, the tips, and the complete step-by-steps so you can recreate these Hollywood hair looks no matter what your zip code…

Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images


“Gina, Gina, over here!” yell the paparazzi. Not a problem when hair is a mass of sexy, tousled waves.

· Paul had Gina wash and condition her hair with Joico’s Color Balance Blue—our perfectly pigmented neutralizing duo designed to correct highlighted brunettes on contact, banishing any unwanted warm strands that may creep into dark color.

· The curls came next: Using a curling wand, Paul alternated the direction of each one as he went along (some forward, some backwards), and even swapped the iron placement, laying it on top of the hair for half the curls, and laying the hair on top of the iron for others. (Stylist’s tip: Always start from the bottom of the hair and work your way up, rather than the other way around. It creates a more natural tousle.)

· Then it was time for Hair Shake. Paul sprayed the unique texturizer into sections of the hair to create fullness and dimension, using his fingers to gently comb up the hair shaft after each spritz.

· The glam move? A generous amount of Joico Gold Dust sprayed from roots to ends so Gina’s hair would have a sexy, glowing effect under the spotlights.

· And finally, Joico Flip Turn Finishing Spray sealed the look, guaranteeing no naughty flyaways on camera.

Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images


Next up: a sexy, laced-up/slit-to-there silhouette for Gina, so Paul’s choice was this side-swept style to keep the attention on the curves of the gown.

· With only seven minutes for hair (AND makeup), this transformation had to happen fast. Using a Mason Pearson hairbrush, Paul gathered and secured Gina’s hair to the side (smoothing ends and nape to keep things tidy), gently using his fingers to backcomb the curls for a little more fullness.

· A second, light application of Hair Shake to the curls added another layer of texture; after each spritz, Paul separated the strands a bit, maximizing the volume.

Teen Choice Awards 2015 at the USC Galen Center on August 16, 2015 in Los Angeles, California.

Teen Choice Awards 2015 at the USC Galen Center on August 16, 2015 in Los Angeles, California.


With the sass and flash of a sequined dress, it was time to split the difference (and the hair), by going back to a center part…this time, with a softer, more refined curl.

· Returning to an even distribution of hair on both sides, Paul wielded his Mason Pearson brush again to lightly soften the waves he had created at the beginning of the evening. The trick: Place strands in the palm of your hand and brush hair over fingers to minimize the pull and lend control to curls.

· To create a softer silhouette, Paul rolled back the hair at the left side of Gina’s face (which helped draw attention to her beautiful eyes), securing it with three bobby pins. A few more passes of Flip Turn to tackle potential flyaways and the look was camera ready.

Johnny Ramirez

Want to be one of those guests everyone invites to their party because you’ve got your fingers on the pulse of pop culture? Then get ready to start talking about Johnny Ramirez, the outrageously talented LA colorist scores of people have been buzzing about lately. We’re madly in love with his trademark “lived-in color,” a blonde-meets-brown masterpiece that brilliantly blurs the lines of grow out, allowing clients—wait for it–six months between color visits. It’s not an easy creation; in fact, we’ve heard it can take up to six hours to pull off. (Wanna know why? Details like this: Ramirez actually matches your root color and weaves it into teeny, tiny pieces throughout the whole head, creating a fake root that nixes those harsh lines of demarcation. Brilliant, right?)

Even more brilliant: We had a chat with Johnny recently…

Johnny article 2

Let’s cut to the chase: People are insane about your lived-in color technique. Why all the hoopla?

The look has an easy, California beach vibe that can be worn all year round and you can dress it up or down. But the other reason people are into it is because of the low-maintenance piece: My lived-in color can get you up to six months between salon visits, except if you have grey hair.

Malibu’s nice and all…but what about the folks in New York? The looks gotta travel.

It works all over the country. I pop between San Francisco, Chicago, New York, and Miami every few months. And I’m constantly getting messages from people in other cities looking for a colorist who can recreate the look. I’m pretty sure it works anywhere!

If our next color appointment is HALF A YEAR AWAY, how do we keep our hair looking all rich and shiny in the meantime?

I always recommend that my clients come in for an occasional gloss, but using a color deposit shampoo, like Joico’s Color Balance Blue or Purpl every few weeks is really important.

What’s all this about you teasing the hair before you foil it…

My style involves some teasing and backcombing. I need to control the bleach placements and teasing the hair assists me with this.

And we heard a rumor that you see 25 clients a day. Seriously?

It’s true. I have a team that assists me and that allows us to run like a well-oiled machine. We’re constantly moving and working.

Bragging now. Our new color baby, LumiShine, has apparently hit your favorites list. Spill…

I have to say that I especially like the scent—it’s the first thing that my clients notice every time I use it. But the shine? Amazing.

So, most colorists look at their client and say, “Hey…so what are we doing today?” You’re known to give them an actual homework assignment before they come in. For reals?

I implemented an “application process” for any client booking a color appointment with me. Before they come in, they fill out a questionnaire that gives me insight into their lifestyle, their past color services, recent treatments, and extensions. Then, I ask them to take photos of their current hair color so I can assess it prior to their visit…AND they have to provide me with inspiration photos of what they want to achieve. Lastly, the client has to name a look that they don’t like so I can get a better sense of their style and taste. All of this helps me analyze if the client is a color correction, and book an appropriate length appointment.

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You’re blowing up the internet, you know…

Social media has changed the game forever. It’s cultivated a network of inspiration for clients and others looking to achieve my lived-in color; it’s also opened the doors for me to work with celebrities and brands like Joico. Nine times out of ten, when a client comes in with a particular look they want, they found it on Pinterest or Instagram.

Quick: most popular look off the top of your head.

The blonde and brown mix–I call it “bronde”—is super hot right now. Clients ask for it all the time. I’ve also been getting a lot of requests for baby-blonde color—it’s a light but not platinum blonde that really plays into my lived-in color look.

Okay, can we admit that we’re pretty much star struck right about now? (You don’t have to answer that one.) We’ll just quietly head over to your Pinterest LumiShine board.

Or maybe not so quietly…


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