The Power Of Thank You


Two simple words that mean so much…and not just to others. According to researchers at Harvard Health, giving thanks can actually make you feel happier in life. Need some reminding? Use these sensory ”nudges” as mental prompts to practice gratitude each and every day….

When you HEAR yourself say, “thank you”

Notice every time you hear yourself say the two magic words. Then, stop and actually make a mental note of acknowledging the thanks, so it doesn’t just become automatic lip service that tumbles out of your mouth. Whether it’s the barista at Starbucks handing you your coffee; your hairdresser, who has just given you amazing new color; or the person who bagged your groceries, pause to really feel the gratitude.

When you SEE something beautiful

The sunset just took your breath away; that blaze of late-fall color prompted you to actually snap a pic with your phone; you can’t stop looking at that IG photo of a gorgeous tablescape. Whenever something catches your eye — in a good way! — use it as a visual prompt to appreciate and truly absorb the beauty in front of you.

When you SMELL something amaze-balls

Maybe it’s a scent that triggers a happy memory (Gma’s pot roast); maybe it’s a scent that feels cozy (a burning fireplace); or maybe it’s just a whiff of something that makes you happy (open a tube of Joico’s Colorful Anti-Fade Shampoo and you’ll know what we’re talking about). The nose knows…so let it be your internal joi jolt and reminder to give thanks.

When you FEEL a soothing sensation

There’s a reason babies love to touch their soft blankies — it brings them comfort. So make a point of noticing the tactile pleasures that crop up throughout your day, and feel gratitude for those moments. Some examples: touching skin (a hug, a kiss, a scalp massage); the soothing comfort of a warm tub; the crispness of clean sheets; a soft, furry pet.

When you TASTE deliciousness

Ever eat something crazy-good and gobble it down so fast, you hardly have a chance to savor just how much joi the food is delivering? Next time, make a conscious effort to register that first bite…and ever bite thereafter. Slow down the eating ritual. Let food melt on your tongue. Allow yourself to bathe in delightful flavors and textures. Not only will pumping the brakes a bit help you appreciate what you’re eating — it’s also good for your health. And since joi is created from the inside out, it‘s a perfect first step….