The Easiest Little Hair Trick You’ll Ever “Do”

“Ready to start doing your hair in more than just a ponytail!?,” Jill Buck asked her legions of Instagram followers. We’re guessing she got a resounding YES, once viewers watched her crazy-easy bun/wrap trick that literally costs…nothing. “I’ve really been enjoying my air-dried hair and loose ponytails, but I figured maybe it’s time for the next step! This is an easy high bun tutorial that can be used with any accessory! Try ribbon, scarves, or even leather.”


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1. Start with a sleek ponytail and use a good hair spray — like Joico Design Works Shaping Spray or JoiShape Shaping and Finishing Spray — and a boar-bristle brush to smooth hair down.

2. Grab any long fabric accessory of choice – a scarf, a ribbon (or, in this case, a piece of lace!) to create the look.

3. Feed the length of fabric/lace under your hair tie to secure, making sure it’s long enough to go past the length of your hair and even on both sides.

4. Separate your ponytail into two sections, wrapping lace around each side.

5. Here’s the fun part: The lace becomes the actual hair tie. Bring both sides of the pony to the back and criss-cross, bringing them back around and up. Then simply tie the fabric around your ponytail, pulling the sections of the pony forward into a bun style.

6. Secure any extra wild pieces of hair or fabric by tucking in a couple of bobby pins.