Mask Hacks That Make You Look Like A Style Genius


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Hack #1: The Haircut Bungee

You’ll need: 1 hair bungee
Do this: Rather than looping a mask over the ears when you’re in the salon for a haircut, have your hairdresser secure one side of the bungee to one of the mask’s elastic loops, and secure the other side of the bungee to the other mask loop.
Why we love it: For clients with short hair/male clients, this hack allows a stylist to cut around your ears and neck without having to remove the mask.

Hack 2: The Tony Pony Mask

You’ll need: 1 hair tie
Do this: Gather hair into a ponytail at the back of your head and secure with a hair tie/elastic. Now, grab your mask and criss-cross the loops around the base of your ponytail.
Why we love it: It spares the ears, keeps your mask taut, and is just dang cute.

Hack 3: The Clip Trick

You’ll need: flat hair clips (the cuter the better)
Do this: Pull back one loop of your mask and thread it through your clip. Secure the clip to your head. Repeat on other side.
Why we love it: Not only does this move stop irritation around your ears, but it’s utterly chic. Like…head-turning chic.

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Hack 4: Chain Gang

You’ll need: An eyeglass chain or long-link necklace
Do this: Attach each loop of the mask to the eyeglass-chain links; or open your necklace clasp and slip the necklace chain through both mask loops.
Why we love it: At moments you need to remove your mask (eating, drinking, etc), this trick keeps things hygienic and handy by allowing your mask to hang off your body. Meaning: You won’t lose it. And your mask never comes into contact with unsafe surfaces!

Hack 5: Hot Cross Buns

You’ll need: 2 hair ties and bobby pins
Do this: Part hair down middle and create a bun on each side of the head. (To make the bun, you can start with a ponytail; then wind hair around the base and secure with bobby pins.) Make sure the buns are behind and slightly higher than your ears. Take your mask loops and fasten them around each bun to secure.
Why we love it: This trick allows you to wear your hair out of your face, prevents irritation to the ears, and jacks up your style several notches.