Find Joi By Following The Advice Of 3 Joico Superstars

Chad Demchuk headshot

Chad Demchuk / Joico International Guest Artist

Years in the business: 18

My advice to a younger Chad:

• Don’t ever stop dreaming. Recognize that your long-term goal may just be a stepping stone to something even bigger and more fulfilling.

• Before saying yes to every opportunity, ask yourself, “Will I be happy with the end result a year from now?” If yes, then do it. If not, say no.

• And on that note: It’s OKAY to say no to things. I was such a yes-person growing up because I always wanted to please people, and I was an opportunist. But that habit meant I missed out on things in life that would ultimately have made me much happier.

•Being silly isn’t just for kids! If it makes you happy to be a (responsible) goofball, then be one. Things shouldn’t always be stressful and difficult; they should be enjoyable, too. So keep bringing humor to both the fun times and the tough times.

• Break long-term goals – or dreams – into small, tangible pieces that are actually achievable. Then set a deadline to accomplish each one. Before you know it, you’ll be where you want to be.

• Start saving for your future now by setting aside money each week. Opening an IRA sooner rather than later will benefit you big-time in the long run.

• Don’t be a jack of all trades. Find the things in hair that you truly love doing, and focus on them. (Why oh why did I ever think it was a good idea to be a manicurist and wax tech when CLEARLY I wasn’t?)

Piggy Bank saving money

• You can’t change other people’s opinions about you, so the only person you should really focus on making happy is yourself!

• Be the boss who leads and shows, not tells and points.

• Become the mentor you wish you’d had.

Cherry Petenbrink headshot

Cherry Petenbrink / Joico International Guest Artist

Years in the business: 37

My advice to a younger Cherry:

• Dreams and goals aren’t realized overnight – every successful plan takes time and forethought. I remember wanting everything instantly, impatiently reaching and grabbing for it all… jumping through hoops, playing follow the leader, imitating others, and emulating. This can lead to disappointment and the feeling of being a failure.

• Enjoy each success – both small and large.

• Be passionate and put in the time to stay focused. It will happen…dreams do come true!

• Create a well-thought-out plan, be organized, and take the time – be it a week, a month, a year, or even several years — to achieve the steps necessary to make your dream come true. The feeling of success and accomplishment is there for the taking; but it’s not as easy picking a ripe apple from a tree. Remember, it took time for the apple to grow before you ever noticed it.

Niokle Wood Headshot

Nikole Wood / Joico International Guest Artist

Years in the business: 19

My advice to a younger Nikole:

• Travel as much as possible, dance every time you hear the music and follow your heart.

• Welcome the unexpected but protect your money and future with all your might. Money does not bring happiness, but financial freedom brings peace and solves most issues which leaves room for joy.

• Trust your gut feelings. They are usually right and you are smarter than you give yourself credit for.

• Get comfortable being uncomfortable and learn to step out of your box once in a while! There is a whole wide world out there for the taking.

Fortune cookie

• Follow your plans. Make a 5 year plan, and then break it down into a 1 year plan, a 6 month plan, a weekly plan, and a daily plan. And always, always keep your eyes on the prize.