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Duncan Richards


Duncan RichardsDown Under is bowled over with Joico hair sensation, Duncan Richards, and frankly, so are we –which is why, when we had the opportunity to grab a chat with this Aussie superstar, we jumped on it. You’ll enjoying hearing him “muse” about everything from trends to treats (with a little good-old American translating for us out-of-the-loop folks). Come join us for his story right here…

DUNCAN RICHARDS, Joico Education Manager, Australia/New Zealand

Bragging rights: I have a rep as the best Barista in our Sydney office…which, I think, is just my team’s way of getting me to make them coffee.

On my nightstand: My phone, of course!

I’ll cry if I’m out of: Coffee.

What I’m eating when no one’s looking: Caramel Slice–it’s a favorite two-layer shortbread cookie. But it’s got to have a crunchy base, lots of caramel in the middle, and just a little bit of chocolate on top.

If anyone could dress me: G-Star Raw…they do really wearable pieces and architectural denim.

What’s on my feet: At home? Thongs (that’s flip-flops to the rest of the world). At work, it’s R.M Williams boots or footy-style joggers (sneakers!) by Adidas.

Can’t live without: My wife, Tash. XO

My influencers: My Nan and Pop had amazing values and love for family. Those same values filter through my entire family today. I can’t thank them all enough.

Guiltiest pleasure: Business-class travel…and Hot Chips*. (*Australian for French fries, and so popular Down Under, they’re literally sold in vending machines.)

Biggest misconception about hairdressers: Hairdressers aren’t often recognized for their intelligence. Yet we have some of the world’s most amazing, creative minds in our industry.

Why hair?: I went into the business because it was cool…the job, the environment, everything about it. And I got to hang out with gorgeous women!

If not hair: I wanted to be a *pro footballer. (*He’s talking soccer, people.)

What I’m known best for: Having a sociable personality with an awesome sense of humor. (Ok, my friends wrote this.)

Oddest job: I worked in a service station.

The look I never want to see again: My own hair.

This hairstyle/color will never bore me: Bleached hair.

Best advice ever:Feel the fear and do it anyway.

“I’ve made it” moment: When I started in education, the company told me I had a meal allowance; and I thought to myself, Wow, I get paid to eat!!

What’s playing in my salon: A little bit of everything… Led Zeppelin, Howlin Wolf, Noah Gunderson, The Jackson 5; and when my phone rings, it’s AC/DC.

Tool/product I’m always reaching for: Hairspray. I’m loving Joico Flip Turn.

Trend Alert!

Check out Duncan’s bold creation, Cinnamon Girl–a spicy-yet-sweet look inspired by the music of Neil Young, and created with some of his favorite Joico Power Stylers.