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The Balayage That Keeps On Giving

The Story:

“Hannah’s one of my favorite clients and a great friend from our gym. For her inspiration, she actually brought in a picture from our friends at Nine Zero One Salon — a beautiful, textured bob with some soft, dimensional Balayage. Believe it or not, this was her second time ever having anything more than a haircut!”


“Thankfully, Hannah is one of the rare ones who never really does anything to her hair; so there really were no complications to deal with. She comes in about once a year to refresh her color and cut.”


Let’s get down to business:

“Hannah actually let me cut off about 8 inches of her thick hair. Then I focused on Balayage placement and went with my go-to technique. I try my best to visualize the natural lay of the sections and lightening. With that in mind, I then alternate V’s, W’s, and bolder, painted sections. Hannah really likes to keep it as low maintenance as possible, and this placement is key in helping her have that.”

Long-term color forecast:

“I knew if I toned her down to a cool level 8 she would fade nicely over the coming weeks; and end with a result that would hold her over for the next year LOL!”


The Formula:

Formula 1 (Back Half): Joico FreePlay Clay Lightener + 30 Volume LumiShine Developer

Formula 2 (Front Half): Joico FreePlay Clay Lightener + 40 Volume LumiShine Developer

Formula 3 (Toner): LumiShine Demi-Permanent Liquid 9SB + 7SB equal parts + 5 Volume LumiShine Developer