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Gina Rodriguez Undercut

Actress Gina Rodriguez, is a knockout with an edgy, new undercut created by Hollywood hair pro, Paul Norton for a movie she’s currently shooting in London. Gone are the long, super-feminine waves that shouldered Gina to the Golden Globes—replaced instead by an undisputable champion of a look that’s effortless to style, easy to change up.


1)    Start in the back, at the nape of the neck, to create the fountain of a graduated bob; incorporating about three inches up from the hair line.

2)    Though the next section is directly above it, it’s disconnected by three inches and pulled straight from the head; cut at a slight vertical angle from shorter to longer as you work up the head. (Pull each section to the previous one in order to clearly see the guideline, and to keep it as square as possible.)

3)    Next, move to the side that you want to keep long. The perimeter can be cut free hand; but at a somewhat dramatic angle, pointing down towards the face.

4)    Now, connect the side layers to the previously square-cut layers of the back, bringing each section to the last one that you ended on in back.

5)    Move on to the face-framing layer by creating a long bang that begins around the cheekbone and ends at the jaw; drag every section behind it to that point with minimal elevation.

NEW YORK, NY - MAY 19:  Gina Rodriguez of the series 'Jane the Virgin' attends The CW Network's 2016 New York Upfront at The London Hotel on May 19, 2016 in New York City.  (Photo by Daniel Zuchnik/WireImage)

6)    For the short and edgy side, take a section from the hairline to the nape of the neck. Get close to that hairline as you comb towards the back. (The end point in the back should go in no more than two inches from the side.)

7)    Clip the hair that you don’t want short out of the way. It’s most efficient to cut with clippers over scissors, using a longer guard at first so that you can remove the bulk, then gradually go shorter.

8)    Shave all the way to the part, so you don’t end up with spiky longer bits where long strands meet short strands.

9)    Working towards the face, pull horizontal sections from the crown straight up, cutting just enough hair to make the entire top section square. (Don’t worry if it seems too heavy—you’ll lighten it up in the next step.)

10) Take horizontal sections from bottom to the top and – using a razor – scoop out the bulk in each section one centimeter at a time, skipping one centimeter in between.

11) Repeat this technique all the way to the top. Style straight, wavy, or even air-dried with Joico Curl Foam Wax; then finish with Hair Shake for extra texture and hold.