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The Once-A-Week Prescription For Happiness

We get it: Big changes and lofty resolutions can seem overwhelming when all you want to do is infuse life with a little more “happy” here and there. So we say, let’s take it one day at a time this year…and change the course of your life with deal-able 24-hour doses that make a big difference in the feel-good department…


We know it sounds tough, but take just one day a week to steer clear of email, the phone, the news, social media…and every other technological assault that comes your way.


Eat Clean

A daily diet that has you permanently avoiding sugar, dairy, processed foods, carbs — basically anything that sounds good — can be a set-up for failure. So how about setting aside just one weekday for nourishing your body with the cleanest, purest foods, plenty of water, and chemical-free meals?


Get 8 Hours

Yeah, right — how many people actually manage to get the recommended amount of sleep each night? If you’re in the majority, you’re probably averaging somewhere between five and seven sad little hours before you have to get up and function like a human. But aim for that golden 8 hours of slumber just once a week, and you may find the payoff enough to motivate you to hit the sack earlier on a semi-regular basis.


Deal With A Drawer

Notice we didn’t say Edit your closet. Or, Clean out the garage. Instead, simply tackle a single, small space during a spare moment in your week and reap the benefits of feeling more and more organized as your home begins to slowly take shape.



Now that you’ve tidied up and trimmed the excess, it’s time to reward yourself with the gift of beauty…like Joico’s Luster Lock Instant Shine and Repair miracle for color-treated hair. It has the uncanny ability to deliver vibrancy, super slip, brush glide power, and gorgeous gleam in a single treatment. (And that delivers the feels, big-time!)


Be Charitable

You may not have the resources to write big checks, or the stamina to run a philanthropic marathon, but committing to a small weekly “give-back” has enormous benefits in the “joi” department. Maybe it means donating the contents of your spare-change jar…scanning your pantry for a few food-bank items…or making an extra dinner for someone who could use a good meal (a new mom, say, or that neighbor who’s back is out). Whatever you choose, make it manageable, make it regular, and make it “joi-ful.”

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