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Ashley Fultz, brainchild behind the hotter-than-ever blog, The Style Editrix, knows a thing or two about what to wear and really great hair. (Can you say former E! News Fashion and Lifestyle producer?) Which is why we turned to her to help create a hot shopping list for Spring 2015—everything you need to know to put you on the cutting edge this very minute…

Spring Trend heels

“Now is definitely the time to invest in a pair of sexy new heels—and pastels, like this pinkish tone, were seen all over the runways for spring. These beauties are definitely at the top of my list: The pale, universal color works for everyone; the shape is simple and sophisticated; and ankle straps can be worn with almost everything in your closet—from a simple pair of jeans to a little floral dress.” (photo courtesy of Piperlime)

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Launches Her New Fragrance For M&S

“Boho waves are just beautiful cascading over a super-feminine dress—kind of free-spirited and undone in a way that still seems intentional. And one of the best, easiest ways to inject that texture is with a shot of Joico’s Instant Refresh Dry Shampoo; it gives hair just enough dimension to lock in movement without any intense styling maneuvers.” (photo courtesy of Getty Images)

GAP jacket

“A classic trench never goes out of style, but has the uncanny ability to look like the freshest thing in your wardrobe. Headed to the office? Perfect! Out to dinner? A classic. Even slung over the shoulders, the trend makes a major statement.”  (photo courtesy of Gap)

Gingham dress ASOS


Gingham is making a serious street-style comeback; it’s an old print, but cooler than ever, especially when refashioned as a great, transitional midi dress that you can layer with a sweater or even an urban moto jacket.  It’s those unexpected pairings that really bring gingham into focus now.” (photo courtesy of ASOS)

Low ponytail

“Long, low ponytails are bigger than ever—but they’re sleek and neatly gathered to show off shiny, healthy, well-groomed hair. Humidity Blocker Finishing Spray adds enough hold to keep a pony tamed, and the nourishing ingredients make sure there’s not a frizzy strand in sight.” (photo courtesy of Getty Images)

Banana Republic backpack

“There’s something to be said for a hands-free purse, which is why I’m so thrilled to see backpacks making a huge reappearance on the runways and “real ways.” They’re casual enough for daytime, but surprisingly chic and fashion-forward enough to go a little more dressy on the weekends.” (photo courtesy of Banana Republic)

Ear Jacket baublebar

“It’s so fun when an edgier trend—like the “ear jacket,” which made waves last season—takes on mainstream appeal. These are small and simple enough to wear every day—like a modern version of the classic crystal stud.” (photo courtesy of Nordstrom)

"Ted" - Los Angeles Premiere

“Dimensional brunette hair, beautifully highlighted to bring out light and dark tones, is such a gorgeous look now—but you have to care of those strands so they stay brass-free, healthy, and perfectly pigmented. Joico’s new Color Balance Blue Shampoo and Conditioner totally does the trick!” (photo courtesy of Getty Images)