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Spring Clean Your Hair

Spring Clean Hair


The sun’s starting to shine, casting a little too much light on hair that’s been assaulted by winter and all its woes. We say: Time to clean things up, clear things out, and look forward for a renewed you for spring. Here’s how…

Detox Your ‘Do: You’re a product junkie who’s also cut back on back on too-frequent cleansings (good for you!); but the result is a virtual cloak of impurities that need to be stripped away for a truly healthy start.  The best way to do this? With K-PAK Clarifying Shampoo, the cleanser that digs deep to purify your hair, without parching or sucking the life out of delicate strands.

And…Cut: There’s no better way to start fresh than with the beautiful, clean lines of a good haircut or trim. You’ll get the swing, the bounce, the crisp edge, and that I-just-left-the-salon spring in your step. After that, just seal the deal…with a dollop of K-PAK Split End Mender, a brilliant, featherweight serum that actually protects hair from future splits and brings shine to the game.

Put Back That Moisture: You’ve trimmed the fat, sealed the deal, and now it’s time to drink in the nourishment that post-winter hair so desperately needs. How? By offering yourself a five-minute cocktail of K-PAK Intense Hydrator, a master at quenching thirsty strands, replacing lost lipids, and stirring up a whole lot of shine.

Get Out Of The Dark: After a season of rich, deep color, now’s the time to cast hair in a whole new light. Like our sexy, sultry Sombré effect that takes last year’s two-toned Ombré and does it one better—by adding subtle, caramel glints to liven up brunette tresses.

Kick Brass: If your color’s in been-there-done-that mode, you might need to cool things down. If your color’s brand new, it makes sense to keep it that looking that way. In either case, the answer is Color Balance Blue (for brunettes) and Color Balance Purple (for blondes)—two brand-new shampoo-and-conditioner duos that kick the orange-y warmth right out of your strands…and never let it back in.

Become A Lightweight: Product user, that is. Those thick pomades and uber-strong holding gels might not be right for spring’s breezier styles, which means it’s time to try treatments that add a boost of texture with the finest possible hand. Our newest game changer, Hair Shake Finishing Texturizer Spray, works its magic by enveloping hair in a micro-fine, liquid-to-powder mist that instantly adds a luxurious, velvety, voluminous finish without the cloying tactics of heavyweight stylers. Light as air, great for your hair…and just perfect for the gentle season ahead.


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