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You thought spun sugar was sweet? Wait until you see the new paint box of pastel hair color that’s been hitting the runways, red carpets, and Coachella stages this season. These fresh expressions of spring—the palest lavender, cotton candy pink, ice blue, and everything in between—are a decidedly playful new way to embrace a look that’s bold and bashful all at the same time.

We tapped Hollywood Hair Guy, Dean Banowetz, famed for his work on American Idol and Dancing With The Stars, to help us splash a little pastel into our lives. Here’s everything you need to know to sweeten things up…

Give us one good reason we should try candy-colored hair?

Dean: How about three? First, pastels look universally great on all skin tones. Second, they’re the perfect way to usher in spring. And third, it feels really good to bring a little color into your life after a very cold winter.

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Name someone who’s hip and happening…and actually manages to pull off pastel locks…

Dean: Kesha loves changing her pastel-colored hair all the time. And we’re seeing the trend more and more among young people—especially when they’re influenced by what they see on TV. And, believe me, nothing stands out better on TV than pastel hair!

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Okay, but what about “real” women? Does it work for them?

Dean: Not only does it work for them, it’s actually expressive without being aggressive. The perfect combo.

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Are your clients actually clamoring for violet hair?

Dean: I have clients looking for a great alternative to those hard-to-wear bright reds and blues. These softer, pastel options are perfect.

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So we’re on board, but still a little bit intimidated. How can we baby step into the look?

Dean: I would suggest doing just a couple of pastel panels of hair in the underneath sections…you’ll have a whisper of color without a huge commitment. As you get more comfortable, you can try more expressive all-over panels.

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What are the most popular shades on the charts?

Dean: Lavender, pink, baby blue, and—believe it or not—yellow!

We’ve got the hair. We love the look. Now…now how do we keep it looking lovely?

Joico’s Instant Refresh Dry Shampoo will be your best friend; it’s the best way to avoiding the frequent cleansing that can strip hair of color. When you do need to lather up, try K-PAK Color Therapy Shampoo and Conditioner, and stick with cool water to preserve your pastels.


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