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When Ironclad Thermal Protectant Spray hit the market, we knew we had a good thing on our hands…and in our hair. Yes, it creates a full-on barrier between your delicate strands and the fiercest heat stylers; but protection aside, Ironclad actually works a sort of inexplicable magic on frizzy, wavy, or misbehaving hair, not unlike a professional straightening treatment that costs hundreds of dollars. Joico guest artist, Kasia Milon, who loves Ironclad’s ability to protect fresh color from fading, has a few tricks up her sleeve she’s sharing today…

· Want instant straightening without the expense? Simply spray Ironclad on small section of damp strands, comb through, and slide your flat iron right on down. After one pass, you’ll hear a sizzle (your signal that Ironclad is hard at work sealing in protective ingredients); hair may even feel a bit firm at this stage. Now, take a second pass, and watch strands instantly soften, shine, swing, and straighten; right before your very eyes.

· Got some strands that won’t settle down? Spritz Ironclad right onto your hairbrush and pass it over those unruly pieces. Instant taming.

· Spray Ironclad on damp hair, and watch your blowout session become shorter than ever. Bonus: The hair’s cuticle is protected during the process, saving you damage from that hot dryer.

· Use it just before creating a head of soft natural waves, or even fashioning an updo; the lightweight, “airy” formula allows you to comb through curls and finger style to your heart’s content.


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