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Joico at the Golden Globes 2015


It took but a single look at Golden Globes “Best Actress” winner, Gina Rodriguez’s gown for our superstar stylist, Paul Norton, to come up with the perfect red-carpet-hair plan. “Her Badgley Mischka, off-the-shoulder design had such a classic, Old Hollywood feeling that I just knew we had to channel the style of legendary stars, Lana Turner, Ava Gardner, and Jayne Mansfield,” he explains of the romantic coif he designed for the winning, Jane The Virgin star.

How He Did It…

  • Paul instructed Gina to shampoo with Joico Color Balance Blue Shampoo and Conditioner (coming soon!) to remove all traces of unwanted warmth left over from previous highlights.
  • To create a strong foundation for the long evening ahead, he then applied a dollop of JoiWhip Firm Hold Design Foam, and blow-dried hair using a medium boar-bristle brush.
  • Once hair was completely dry, he divided it into three, large, horizontal sections, misting each with IronClad Thermal Protectant Spray.
  • Starting on the bottom third section, Paul used a 1 ¼-inch curling iron to put generous waves into two-inch subsections of hair, securing each one with large clips as he moved along.
  • Once he reached the top section, Paul created a deep, glamorous side part and directed hair away from the face. Hair was then sprayed with JoiMist Medium Styling and Finishing Spray as it set and cooled. “Allowing the set to cool completely ensures that the curls will form properly,” explains Paul, who then removed the clips and had Gina rest her head on the back of a chair so that hair fell freely while he vigorously finger-raked the curls to blend and soften them.
  • Next, Paul applied a dime-sized amount of Joico Crème Wax to the palm of his hands, emulsifying and working it into the hair from roots to ends. He then molded the final wave formation. “I paid close attention to her facial structure so that every wave moved in the most flattering way possible.”
  • Once waves began taking shape, Paul inserted large metal hair pins to set them, while brushing through the opposite, free-flowing side with a Mason Pearson styling brush. Bobby pins held the look in place while it continued to set.
  • Finally, pins were removed and Gina was given the flourishing (and necessary!) finale: Flip Turn Volumizing Finishing Spay to ensure her look would hold up throughout the exciting evening. And it certainly did!


JoicoOnTheRedCarpet Robin


“Powerful” and “elegant” were key words in creating actress Robin Wright’s sexy, modern, crop—a winning look designed by Joico celebrated stylist, Paul Norton. The House of Cards star, who tapped Norton to coif her at the Globes for a second year in a row, loved his notion of fashioning a ‘do that paired perfectly with the modernity of her two-piece Ralph Lauren gown—glamorous with an “edgy, punk influence.”

How He Did It…

  • After shampooing with Joico K-PAK Color Therapy Shampoo and Conditioner (an especially great pick for blondes), Paul snipped Robin’s hair, focusing on closely-cut side and back sections, with plenty of point-cutting throughout the longer crown; it’s the key to encouraging dramatic texture and movement.
  • Next came Heat Set applied to damp hair, after which strands were directed forward as Paul dried them with a small Mason Pearson brush.
  • This is the point at which our stylist applied exciting, NEW Joico Hair Shake (coming soon!)—“an amazing texturizer that almost feels like it was designed with Robin in mind! It’s a liquid that turns into a powder and allows me to create cool, punk-like texture.” Paul misted seven pumps of Hair Shake over the surface of Robin’s ‘do, using his fingers to form piece-y texture throughout the lengths; he kept her fringe directed forward and slightly off center.
  • A final finish of Texture Boost Dry Spray Wax added crisp definition to Robin’s hair edges; and with Los Angeles rains on the horizon, Paul added some extra frizz security in the form of Humidity Blocker Hair Spray. “It’s the best defense against the elements!”


JoicoOnTheRedCarpet Jenna


Joico celebrity colorist, Denis de Souza, knows a thing or two about brunette hair (after all, he’s the genius behind this season’s hot, new, Ombré-inspired “Sombré” look). So when it came time to prep gorgeous actress, Jenna Dewan-Tatum, for her appearance at the Globes with husband Channing, the plan—an absolutely cool chestnut-tone hair color—was quickly in place. “Most brunettes are passionate about two things,” explains Denis of his raven-haired clients: “They want absolutely no hint of redness or warmth, and as much shine as humanly possible!”

How He Did It…

Denis turned to several of his favorite, warmth-cancelling shades to create a brunette color that would set off the actress’s buttery Carolina Herrera gown and stun the crowd in one fell swoop. Here’s the formula:

  • Joico Vero K-PAK Chrome 1Z2 A5/Medium Ash Brown + 1Z2 N4 Coffee Bean were combined with developer and applied to Jenna’s regrowth. Denis then lowlighted hair with Joico Vero K-PAK Chrome 1Z2 A9/Light Ash Blonde to repel warmth and amp up that shine to a Globe-worthy gleam.

The result? Utterly cool!