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Jet Set Hair How-To’s

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TZR Jetsetter ponytail coverGlamorous 5-Minute Ponytail Idea:

When a flight is on the horizon – and you want easy-plus-elegant in one fell swoop- Joico’s got just the ticket. Introducing four super-simple coifs that offer big-time glam and serious mileage for those long-haul travel days: Thanks to hair pro, Eric Mayes, and fashion blogger, Sophie Elkus, we’ve got the insider how-to’s on the first of these cool do’s (plus the products to make it happen!).
Download the 5-Minute Ponytail hairstyle how-to

Turban coverBeach Hair with A Twist:

Forget the hat… the messy top knot… the pony tail that’s totally tired. We’ve got the goods on a brilliantly simple summer style (kind of a why-didn’t-we-think-of-this-sooner moment) that’s sure to make waves by the water: With the help of Joico hair pro, Eric Mayes, and fashion blogger, Sophie Elkus, we’ve tweaked the braid, and glammed up the headband for a look that’s Riviera-ready in seconds.

Download this Easy beachy braid hairstyle with a scarf



TZR look 3 sophie

Ride the Waves:

We think there’s something kind of genius about a sexy summer hairstyle that eases you into evening…but looks like it came straight from shore. That’s what you get with our latest spin on beachy waves; an undone cascade of relaxed tendrils that are just too chill to be called curls. Bonus: We’ve got Joico hair pro, Eric Mayes, and fashion blogger, Sophie Elkus, to show you how to get on board with just a few pro products and one beefy barrel iron. Read on for the “swell” how-tos…

Download this easy take on Date Night hair how-to



TZR Sophie look 4

The Crowning Touch:

When you’ve got a full day of sightseeing on the agenda—and that jet-set schedule may slide right into evening – you’ll need a hairstyle that’s neat, fuss-free, and elegant as all-get-out. Our answer is this regal-looking “Crown Braid” – a jewel of a ‘do that showcases Grace Kelly sophistication with a decidedly 2014 twist. The secret? A criss-cross of easy fishtail braids that just look tricky, but are actually a cinch to pull off. With the help of Joico hair pro, Eric Mayes, and fashion blogger, Sophie Elkus, we’ll show you just how simple it is…

Download this gorgeous update on the low braid




Create your own little health-and-beauty kit:
Aspirin, hand sanitizer, eye drops, moisturizer, antacids, lip balm, toothpaste, toothbrush. You’ll be thankful for the quick-grabs if the need strikes while flying…and even more thankful you pre-planned if your luggage is delayed.

Bring a big, bold scarf: Instant color for your wardrobe; the ideal hair accessory; a must to put over your shoulders when there’s a chill in the air (plane or otherwise)…it’s the ultimate multi-purpose accessory.

MacGyver a mini, 7-day pill case: Not just for your Rx anymore…try stocking it with miniscule jewelry (earrings, delicate chains, rings); multiple lipstick colors; or just-the-right-size dabs of daily moisturizer, eye cream, and makeup remover.

Try some financial planning: It’s an easy step to skip, but bank ahead by calling your credit-card companies, alerting them to your out-of-town dates. The move can save you endless hassles with fraud-alert calls. (And trust us—that avoids wrinkles.

Pack a pair of ear plugs: You may think you’re immune to the joys of unwanted noise, but you’ll be grateful for the beauty rest these babies provide when unexpectedly plagued by a snoring airplane seatmate, or a hotel room that’s just a tad too close to the elevators.

Bring an empty plastic water bottle through TSA: No more $5 H2O purchases…just hit the water fountain on the other side of security for inexpensive hydration.

Get Joico’s Beauty Essentials Travel Kit: With a mini-me version of Power Whip, Instant Refresh, and Power Spray safely in your bag, you’ll avoid any trip-ups in the hair department.



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