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With the premiere of the bestselling thriller, The Girl on the Train looking to be a runaway hit when it opens in theaters today, attention’s going to zero right in on the amazing Emily Blunt. Yes, she can deliver a performance that has us mesmerized with every single frame, innuendo, and cheeky laugh, but the girl’s got seriously great hair and we’re crushing on her big-time. Come along for the ride and visit her winning looks…

Emily Blunt NYC Premiere


Destination: New York City Premiere for The Girl on the Train, 2016

Just the ticket: Emily’s undone, wavy blonde bob is the end of the line—a natural look doesn’t get better than this!

How it’s engineered: Fresh blonde highlights are skillfully woven with even blonder accent ends to lighten and brighten her face, explains celebrity colorist, Denis De Souza.

Bring on board: Joico Hair Shake Finishing Texturizer Spray. Spray this liquid-to-powder styler into dry hair for a ultra-soft, voluminous finish…the perfect way to maximize each wavy strand.


Emily Blunt Golden Globes


Destination: Golden Globe Awards, 2015

Just the ticket: Glam but not too “done,” this regal braid train works on- or off – the red carpet.

How it’s engineered: “Starting with a middle part, French-braid each side all the way back to the nape of the neck, tucking the ends under and securing with bobby pins,” says Joico style star, Paul Norton. Tug the braid a bit side to side for extra volume  around the face.

Bring on board: JoiWhip tousled into hair to start, then a liberal spritz of Hair Shake before braiding and after to hold the look in place. (Particularly helpful for fine hair that doesn’t want to stay put.)


Emily Blunt cut


Destination: Red-carpet gala, 2012

Just the ticket: Emily’s long, layered bob, with its limitless options, is off-the-rails gorgeous.

How it’s engineered: If you’re in need of instant sophistication, this is the style that stops traffic, says Paul Norton, who explains that it’s easily achieved by blow-drying the hair with a large, round brush and beveling ends under for finish. A few passes with a flat iron adds additional polish and bend.

Bring on board: Start with Heat Set to protect strands from styling damage, then derail any flyaways with a few drops of K-PAK Protect & Shine Serum.


Emily Blunt world premiere London


Destination: World premiere of The Girl on the Train, London, 2016

Just the ticket: Designing this updo may look like a long haul, but there’s an express trick that gets it done in a flash.

How it’s engineered: It all starts with a stretchy headband, says Paul Norton, of this easy-yet-embellished look. Part hair on the side, then place headband about two inches from the hairline, securing with bobby pins on the side and nape for extra stability. Pull hair back and roll it up on to itself (“as if you were rolling up a rug” explains Paul), tucking the circular base into the headband as an anchor, and securing with additional bobby pins. Tuck any loose strands behind the ears, and apply an opulent ornament to the headband for flourish.

Bring on board: Second-day hair spritzed with Instant Refresh for texture and volume is the first stop; then roughen strands up with Hair Shake before you begin rolling and tucking. Flip Turn Volumizing Finishing Spray signals the end of the journey…but just the beginning of a long night of holding power.


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Photos courtesy of Getty Images