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Healthy Hair Commitments in 2014

2014 Hair Resolutions

This is Your Year to Turn Heads!

1) I promise to go into Hairdo Detox and get rid of unhealthy build-up with K-PAK Clarifying Shampoo.

2) I vow to be kinder and gentler to my delicate hair by sleeping on a silk pillowcase each night.

3) I will avoid shallow behavior by deep-conditioning my ‘do at least once a week with K-PAK Intense Hydrator.

4) I will always serve and protect by applying a leave-in conditioner before each blow-dry.

5) I commit to avoiding daily hair-washing this year; and will use Instant Refresh Dry Shampoo to give my ‘do a break.

6) I will be bold and brave by shaking things up with a brand-new hair color.

7) I will finally tackle my fear of heights by indulging liberally in Joico’s Power Whip.

8) I promise to stop tooling around so often–but if I succumb to weakness, I’ll apply Smooth Cure Rescue Treatment the very next day.

9) I vow to avoid being dull by regularly working in a dab of K-PAK Repair & Shine Serum.

10) I will hold onto that which is sacred-like a good blow-out-by spritzing in Joico’s Power Spray.