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Genius Hair Hacks You Need this Summer

Hair Hacks 2

Forget the wet strands glued to your face after you emerge from a pool…and the oily ‘do that seems to need too many shampoos…and, especially, those damaged, sun-fried ends. Because this summer, Hollywood hair guy, Paul Norton, has come to the rescue, revealing even more summer “hacks” that help bypass the dry and bedraggled look that can be the hallmark of June, July, and August. From hat hair to limp locks, Paul’s got the answers for it all.


PULL BACK: It’s hot, but your hair is not…especially when you’re lousy at fancy French braids and tired of the standard pony.

The solutions:

·      Trade those braids for twist, by grabbing small sections of hair from around the face, twisting several inches and securing each with a bobby pin or flat-hair barrette.

·      Add interest to this half-up/half-down ‘do by wrapping the untwisted lengths of hair with a large-barrel curling iron for beachy waves that don’t look intentionally undone.

·      Spritz in a generous amount of Hair Shake for added texture and volume.


FLAT OUT: Hot weather = perspiration, which means limp, flat, oilier-than-normal hair…and too much shampooing just dries things out and strips color.

The solutions:

·      Stock up in Instant Refresh Dry Shampoo to soak up the oil and minimize shower cleansings.

·      Finish every styling session with a few spritzes of Hair Shake to help build back out the fullness and add life to your locks. (Tip: Flip your head upside down several times throughout the day to reactivate the product and give hair a lively, bouncy appearance.)


THEMS THE BREAKS: Dehydrating ocean water, chlorine-filled pools, scorching sun, and frequent use of hair elastics leaves hair with breakage, and dry, damaged ends.

The solutions:

·      Always get hair trimmed AFTER a beach vacation to snip off all the straggly ends.

·      Throw a bottle of K-PAK Liquid Reconstructor or Leave-in Protectant Spray into your beach bag and use it liberally in the sun, as well as before and after a dip in the water. (Even better, apply before donning a swim cap, which locks in heat and helps product penetrate the hair shaft.)

·      Make sure to apply conditioning treatment before attempting to comb wet hair—the biggest culprit for breakage.


HAT HAIR: There’s nothing hotter than a girl with a great pony that pops out from the back of her snap-back baseball cap. But pull the hat off, and the look falls flat. Literally.

The solutions:

·      Apply Instant Refresh Dry Shampoo to roots only for extra volume at the crown, where “cap crush” takes place.

·      Before donning the hat, use a flat, boar-bristle brush to gather hair straight back (no part), as if you were fashioning a ponytail; then slip the cap over your hair from the forehead—directing hair back. This eliminates awkward creases later in the day.

·      If the hat is adjustable, try loosening the band so you get the look without imparting harsh lines in the hair.


ONE FOR THE ROAD: You’re traveling–without your usual arsenal of styling tools and gear. It’s not looking so pretty.

The solutions:

·      Survive without a blowdryer by applying JoiGel Medium to damp hair (about and inch away from the roots to an inch from the ends).

·      Create two or more big braids and wrap each into a bun, securing with bobby pins. Allow them to dry this way all day for a simple updo that will keep you looking—and feeling—cool.

·      Ready for evening? Undo the braids and enjoy a head of fun, beachy waves that you can amp up with a few spritzes of Hair Shake.


Summer Hair Hacks

There’s something kind of heady and seductive about summer hair–the way the rays reflect off those golden highlights; how an impromptu pony or messy bun can look perfectly put together in a flash; even the unexpected allure of a slicked-back beach ‘do. But the very elements that bring summer to your hair can also take a toll on fragile strands, causing damage, dullness, and dryness in one fell swoop.

We tapped Hollywood hair guys, Paul Norton and Denis de Souza, to come to the rescue here, revealing their very favorite summer “hacks” that help bypass the very damage you’re looking to avoid. Their ideas are simple but genius—the kind that you’ll turn to over and over again…


IN THE SWIM: Chlorine and saltwater can take a toll, leading to dryness, breakage, and color change.

The solutions:

·      Make leave-in conditioner your new best friend. Work a bit of K-PAK Reconstructor through hair before hitting the beach, and allow the natural rays of the sun to help this nourishing product penetrate and protect.

·      Braid that conditioned hair to minimize sun rays hitting on each strand.

·      Still have sunscreen on your hands? Run the excess through the ends of your hair to act as a barrier against chlorine.

·      Try a trendy scarf trick to shield hair from direct exposure.


SCALP TRICKS: Warm weather can put greasy strands front and center.

The solutions:

·      Switch to a paddle brush (and carry it with you); frequent brushings can help minimize a straggly appearance.

·      Try simple updos with bobby pins, scarves, and headbands to help camouflage the scalp area.

·      End each shampoo with a blast of cold water to lower your scalp temperature and minimize sweating. Double bonus: It also helps seal the cuticle, giving hair a nice dose of shine.

·      Use Instant Refresh Dry Shampoo to keep the greasies at bay.


THE BIG FADE: Frequent exposure to water (both chlorine and salt), plus the direct rays of the sun, can pull even the most expensive color right out of the hair.

The solutions:

·      Use a sulfate-free shampoo—like Joico’s Color Endure–all summer long. It’s designed to fight the environmental factors that cause fading and tonal change.

·      Cleanse no more than two-to-three times per week.

·      Add a gloss treatment every three-to-four weeks to impart a shiny, fresh look and bring out color depth without having to start from scratch.


HELP FOR HUMIDITY: One step outside of an air-conditioned room and frizzy hair can appear in an instant.

The solutions:

·      Turn the slicked-back wet look into a lifesaver by working some gel into the roots and combing hair back and away from the face.

·      Go for braids or a chic little snap-back cap to pull off an easy daytime look while keeping strands protected from humidity.

·      Carry a travel-size bottle of serum or conditioner with you (fill a plastic drugstore vial if yours doesn’t come in a smaller size), and use it if the frizzies start to reappear.


PONY TRICKS: Pulling back hair is a go-to strategy in summer, but it’s not always the healthiest maneuver, causing breakage from time to time.

The solutions:

·      If you already have breakage, camouflage those little pop-up strays with a dime-size amount of JoiGel Medium Styling Gel—strong enough to smooth down the broken strands, but not enough to make feel them hard or unmanageable.

·      Go retro and swap your elastic for an old-school scrunchy; it’s a more delicate way to gather hair back into a ponytail.

·      Twist hair into a bun for a change–using a set of chopsticks to hold it in place—and giving hair a nice break from the tension of elastic hair ties.


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