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When the music starts playing at a music festival, all eyes are glued to the stage…and to the cool, edgy looks of the festival’s female headliners, a group of women who march to the beat of fashion and beauty as much as they do their tunes. Superstar stylist, Paul Norton, has been singing the praises of this year’s line-up, so we invited him to get in on the act by giving us the scoop on music festival’s best hairstyles. Without further ado…

Lights Coachella Artists

Her look: A side-parted, asymmetrical shag

Paul says:

·      Work a dollop of Power Whip Whipped Foam into damp hair, tousling to one side with a blow dryer until fully dry.

·      Spritz Ironclad Thermal Protectant Spray throughout the top section of hair to amp up shine and sleekness.

·      Using a flat iron, drag hair over and down to one side, allowing it to fall sexily over the eye area.

·      Finish with a generous spray of Hair Shake, applied to the entire head of hair.

·      Using fingers, gently separate strands and scrunch for dimension and texture.

Lykke Li Coachella Artists

Her look: Undone sleek

Paul says:

·      Start with “second-day” hair, rather than a fresh cleansing. Spray Instant Refresh Dry Shampoo into hair for extra texture and hold.

·      Gently wrap one- or two-inch sections of hair around a one-inch barrel curling iron, leaving plenty of ends out to lend an undone look.

·      Tug each section to relax the curl.

·      Spray on Instant Refresh Dry Shampoo for hold and texture.

·      Part hair to one side. Using the tighter end of a comb, work a dab of Crème Wax into the root area to add shine and tame flyaways.


Mo Coachella Artists

Her look: A high-and-mighty braid

Paul says:

·      Apply Heat Set to clean, damp hair, and then blow out until completely dry.

·      Flip head upside down and spray Hair Shake generously from roots to ends.

·      With head still upside down, gather hair into a high pony and secure with an elastic band.

·      Flip hair back and apply a bit more Hair Shake to help with hold and shine.

·      Create a singular braid or several smaller braids, and secure with clear elastics.

·      For a retro vibe, add a “scrunchy” on top of the elastic closest to the crown of your hair.

Kiesza Coachella Artists

Her look: The out-of-the-box updo

Paul says:

·      Work a good dollop of JoiWhip Design Foam into clean, damp hair, tousling with a blowdryer and fingers until completely dry.

·      Using a ¾-inch barrel iron, wrap six inches of the ends around the iron to produce a barely-controlled curl.

·      Use your fingers to break up and separate curls.

·      Apply Hair Shake to the entire head for a dose of texture.

·      With a flat boar-bristle brush, gather hair dramatically upwards, and secure in the middle with bobby pins, creating a “faux-hawk.”

·      Mist hair with a good dose of Flip Turn Volumizing Finishing Spray to tame flyaways and inject some serious holding power.