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7 Time-Saving Summer Hair Hacks

When you’re busy squeezing the last rays out of the season, the urge to spend time on high-maintenance hairstyling goes out the window. As in: Why bother with 20 minutes of flat ironing, only to watch your handiwork become frizz the minute you step into the humidity? That’s why we’ve gathered up a bundle of the most efficient, super-powered products to shave precious minutes off your beauty routine. The clock starts…NOW.


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When you’re a touch too busy to hide your roots…

The grow-out, the grey, the day-old Ombré — it’s right there for everyone to see; and there are simply no spare minutes to make a foray into the salon.

The hero product:  Tint Shot Root Concealer, our magic-in-a-can designed to camouflage grow-out in seconds. Take your pick from four utterly believable, blend-in shades: Blonde, Light Brown, Dark Brown, and Black.

Time saved: 2 hours


When the party’s starting and you need to be a quick-change artist…

Praise the almighty ponytail, and its ability to elevate your style to “dressy” in a matter of minutes, without the hassle of heat styling or fancy updos.

The hero product: K-PAK Protect & Shine Serum…a drop or two of this glistening smoother takes a pony into sleek territory, banishing flyaways and adding instant sophistication.

Time saved: 20 minutes


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When your hair’s a big, hot a mess — and you want it to look intentional…

Turning those untamed “beachy” strands into something chic is the name of the game; it avoids fruitless flat ironing sessions in humid weather.

The hero product: Hair Shake Finishing Texturizer Spray, our extraordinary liquid-to-powder wonder that amps up hair with the most touchable, velvety-soft, mega-volume finish. Spray it, layer it, and play with it.

Time saved: 15 minutes


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When your hair needs washing, but friends are calling…

Because the whole wash, condition, rinse, repeat thing is a drag when you’ve got better things to do…like sip summer cocktails, or shop for cool sunglasses.

The hero product: Instant Refresh Dry Shampoo, the freshly-washed-coif-in-a-can that zaps the greasies, gives you the volume of a wet wash, and brings hair back to life in seconds.

Time saved: 45 minutes

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When you want to master the 5-minute shower…

This is the season to simplify and get out the door; which means bypassing a full-on grooming routine that can only feel spa-like in winter.

The hero product: Joico’s Co+Wash, a revolutionary twist on traditional shampoo that quickly preserves hair’s natural oils to create healthy, shiny, frizz-free, luxurious locks. In a single bottle. Choose from Curl, Color and Moisture.

Time saved: 5 minutes


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When re-curling your curls sounds like a drag…

Those cute, shiny ringlets are your crowning glory. They’re also a matted mess on day two post shampoo.

The hero product: Curl Refreshed Reanimating Mist. A couple of pumps of the cool squeeze handle, and curls are instantly revived and brought back to life. No iron needed.

Time saved: 30 minutes

When you want to be blonde, blonder, blondest…

If there’s ever a time to lighten up, it’s summer, when a golden halo of hair looks like a kiss from the sun. The idea of running to the salon to keep things as bright as can be when surf’s up? No thanks.

The hero product: Blonde Life Brightening Masque, our quick-rinse, magician-of-a-treatment, instantly hydrates, softens, and amps up pale strands by neutralizing those nasty trace minerals that lead to dullness and yellowing. You’re blonde…and you stay that way.

Time saved: 3 hours.


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