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5 Ways To Have A Joi-Ful Fall


We’re kind of obsessed right now with falling leaves, darker nail polish, and healthy-rich hair color. Happens to us every fall, and makes us feel all giddy and joi-ful inside (not unlike that getting-new-school-supplies feeling from way back when). It’s all about the 5 C’s: Color, Casseroles, Comfy, Candy Corn, and Crisp. Intrigued? Let us explain.



The power of color to boost a mood has been long documented by researchers. (Yellow and green? Happy/uplifting. Red and violet? Energizing/seductive…the list goes on.) And if there’s one season in which color literally bursts onto the scene, it’s fall — with its blaze of changing leaves, jewel-toned fashion, and richer, deeper, more intense hair color. We’re big believers in changing things up and going with the flow, which is why a head of red, dimensional chestnut, or honeyed blonde might just be a brilliant idea right now; especially if you protect your investment color with K-PAK Color Therapy Luster Lock Multi-Perfector Daily Shine & Protect Spray.



Comfort food’s power may lie primarily in the associations it calls to mind, say the experts at Psychology Today. And when it comes to yummy, soothing casseroles, that association is something known as “nostalgic eating.” It’s the perfect food to turn to when the weather cools, evoking feelings of wellbeing and warmth; you can get a jumpstart with this list of top one-dish meals from



Comfy is a feeling…but it’s also about the things that get you there. Like soft, nubby sweaters, fleece blankets, roaring fireplaces, spiked coffee, warm soup, and the instinct to stay inside and nest for a while. Instead of seeing all of it as self indulgent, try putting the prescription of comfort on your health-and-wellness list. It might just cure what ails.



It’s impossible to disassociate fall from those iconic, tri-color sweets (they’ve been around since the 1880s); they’re oddly addictive and all over store shelves the minute a leaf falls. According to historians, Candy Corn was modeled after corn in shape but not taste; and if you’ve had trouble identifying that taste, the answer can be found in a Jelly Belly — a blend of creamy fondant, along with rich marshmallow and warm vanilla notes. Combine all three and you’ve basically nailed Candy Corn.



When the air is crisp, the leaves are crisp, and even the apples are crisp, it’s time to re-joice in the season of harvest. It’s also time to wish the Honeycrisp Apple — that perfect blend of sweet and tart — a Happy 20th Birthday. Created by the University of Minnesota’s acclaimed apple breeding program, this famous fruit is known for two things: being the most popular apple on the market, as well as one of the most expensive. Bon Appetit magazine, which refers to it as “our desert-island apple,” says this: “Its shatteringly crisp texture is guaranteed to hold firm, whether they show up in apple dumplings or an elegant tarte tatin. We wouldn’t blame you if you just at them straight-up.” That said, if you can bear to part with Honeycrisp’s juicy crunch, go ahead and turn it into an aptly titled dessert, like — what else? — Crisp.
Here’s how.