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5 Ways To Find Your Smile This Summer


As Pharrell likes to say, “Clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth.” Trust us, we’re clapping; because finding joi is the motto we strive for each and every day. Sometimes it’s major (like the kind of happy you get from an epic summer vacation); sometimes joi shows up in subtle ways…when you jump in the ocean, get an awesome text, or finally manage to nail that challenging updo. Five more ways to find your joi this summer…

Grow something

1)    Grow something.

No store-bought produce or pre-packaged bouquet can hold a candle to the sensory experience of connecting to the earth and creating beauty with your own two hands: smelling the blooms…tasting that sweet tomato…playing in the dirt…breathing fresh air. It’s primal stress release at its best.

Have a really good convo

2)    Have a really good conversation.

The kind that lingers long after all the other guests have left the BBQ. Studies actually show that people who spend more time having meaningful discussions are actually happier than those social butterflies who fill their lives with hollow small talk.

feed your inner child

3)    Feed your inner child.

We spend so much of our time trying to make healthful choices (I’ll bring a fruit salad sound familiar?), that allowing yourself to indulge—utterly guilt free—in a happy food once in a while can put a smile on your face better than any kale wrap. So this summer, make it a mission to sip that root beer float, shamelessly buy a Slurpee, or get your fingers sticky with a fluffy mound of cotton candy.

Joi-ful playlist

4)    Make a joi-ful playlist.

No joke: Scientists have found that listening to music makes us happier by increasing blood flow in the body; which may explain why a great tune keeps you pumping during those grueling workouts, gets your party guests feeling celebratory…or becomes the car cure when you need an emotional lift.

take a nap

5)    Take a nap.

That shady hammock is beckoning but you feel guilty getting shut-eye in the middle of the day? Stop, drop…and let your drowsy take over. There’s a reason toddlers are less cranky after they’ve taken their afternoon nap. And it works for grown-ups, too!


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