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In Excess 2014

Bold sex appeal, extreme luxury and edgy glamour are back—in a BIG way!

TurnStyle 2013

The shift in fashion from minimal, angular design to curved, feminine
shapes with opulent details for inspiration.

Atlas 2012

Inspired by obvious and non-obvious, traditional and contemporary symbols of beauty and style that are representative of different countries or regions.

Smoke & Mirrors: Vol. 1 2011

What Happens When Complete Opposites Meet?

Le Graphique 2010

The fantastically beautiful, utterly unique world of Le Graphique.

Minimum Maximum 2009

A visual study in the extremes of hair design.

Visionaire 2008

Pushing the boundaries of time and hair design.

Hi:Def 2007

Inspiration from artists of the moveable sculpture art and abstract expressionist painters.

Primaries 2007

Inspiration from the raw elements in our environment.

Duality 2006

Inspired by the idea that both raw and refined elements must co-exist
in design to make a fully modern statement.


Meet The Experts

  • Sue Pemberton
  • Beth Minardi
  • Denis de Souza
  • Paul Norton
  • Eric Mayes
  • Cherry Petenbrink